I love many things, on that long laundry list of loves is rain and the color navy blue, the inkier the blue the better. Whilst I was at the computer (as is my norm) I watched out my studio windows as the baby blue sky with the fluffy white clouds turned a dark, inky blue before my eyes. You can catch a fleeting glimpse of the once summer day on the lower left of the photograph.  The sky rumbled and the house shook and then the rain started to pour, a nice steady beat of raindrops on the deck below and the acres beyond.  As I was taking this all in–the majesty, the beauty, the awe inspiring scene before me I looked down and my 3lb dog George, scared as all get out, shaking like a lead singer in a Rhomba band started to pee.  I would have been more upset if I actually wasn’t so freaked out that I didn’t want to do the same. Indeed, country living is a completely different experience than urban dwelling.

2 thoughts on “SUMMER STORM

  1. I’m so jealous that it rains where you live. I miss water falling from the sky. So does the grass!

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