I don’t think anyone would be surprised if I mentioned that I didn’t have much color in my wardrobe.  I am pretty classic in my style and usually don’t buckle to trend. I have dark blue jeans, white shirts, camel trench coats, navy dresses, stripes and polka dots as my only pattern options. Everything is in a neutral palette and everything works well together.  I don’t own a lot of clothing either, just the perfect amount of pieces that I can mix and match.  When I moved to the South they did make me check in all my black clothing at the border, less one Little Black Dress as every woman Southern or otherwise should own an LBD. Instead of black I wear navy. I am fine with this change.  I think I may have had a little shock when I first went to the mall and saw that it was an explosion of color and pattern the likes my urban eyes had never seen. I would have felt like a shrinking violet in the sea of sassy, but I am not all that boring, I do usually have a hit of color on my feet or waist.  Somehow I feel like I am getting away with something. I have an extensive shoe collection and it seems to me I favor red to any other color.  It’s that tiny pop that feels so unexpected and works so well for me.  I like yellow too, but haven’t found the perfect pair of yellow shoes, but when J.Crew showed off these new orange pointed flats it was the perfect combo of red + yellow=my new fave shoe. The pointed toe is nice and retro and a little bit more dressy than my usual casual round toe flat.  I am taken with these beauties.  I have a nice pinboard ode to the ‘flat’ you can spy here and if you want a peek into my closet, my ‘closet case’ board pretty much nails my style down to a ‘T.”

5 thoughts on “POINTED FLATS

  1. We have so much in common…our closets sounds almost identical! I enjoy adding color with shoes & purses…that’s about the only place you find color on me. I felt much more pressure while living in the South…I made my friends swear that if I ever wore a Lilly outfit they would shoot me. ;)

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