Under $25 Hostess Gift Guide

Under $25 Hostess Gifts via Besotted Blog

This week (and throughout this holiday season) we are going to help you sort through the myriad of options for gifts (and gift guides) you are sure to be inundated with.  We know price doesn’t always equate to quality and we will be making a concerted effort to find items that are budget friendly, beautiful and useful, of course there may be some luxe items thrown in if you do decide to splurge. We will be as balanced as possible in our guides and try to show you options in our Finer + Find posts just in case you do get your heart set on something that’s a splurge and it doesn’t make sense or is not feasible right now you can satiate that desire for a similar item.

Since Thanksgiving is the usual marker of holiday season and party invites should abound we have taken on the host/hostess gift, a token of your appreciation for their hospitality and efforts. If you’ve ever thrown a dinner party, you know how much work it takes to create a memorable evening. Here are a few good gift ideas to let that host/hostess know their efforts are very much appreciated!

fig. 01 | fig. 02 | fig.03 | fig. 04 | fig. 05 | fig. 06

P.S. Feel free to chime + chip in if you have a great host/hostess gift that is your go to, we always love to hear your great ideas!