The other night I was in bed with the computer, my husband beside me watching the Olympics, at the commercial he looked over my shoulder and asked if I was going to ‘Pin’ that, that being some image that was on the screen.  I looked over at him and asked him how he knew what pinning was.  He said that he heard me explain it before and that it was proof that he listens to me, then he proceeded to ask me to pin a tennis racket that he thought was cool.  I explained to him that my pins were highly curated and there wouldn’t be a good place on my boards for his racket, “ok”, was his answer. It seems that my secret pinning passion is no longer secret, since the cat is out of the bag I figured that I would just be honest and let you know that I spend an inordinate amount of time that I could use sleeping on pinning, it’s both mindless and mindful, a relaxing pastime that I find infinitely more enjoyable than some of the other social media outlets.  I am very visual and therefore this medium works very well to satiate my need for constant visual stimulation. I am also an organization freak which Pinterest is able to sate that need as well.  I am sure a lot of you are pinning already, but for those starting out here are a couple tips–
  • You don’t need 8 million boards, it’s more manageable to have less and add to one category/board that makes sense.
  • If you pin a photo or artwork try to add the name of the artist and link in your description so they get full credit, don’t worry if you re-pin it will let the pinner know you re-pinned and others know where you re-pinned from.
  • If you re-pin one pinners pins a lot, give them some love by leaving a comment, it’s nice to know people appreciate your great taste.
  • If there’s a diy you like and you click and it takes you to the blog instead of directly to the blog post, maybe you can help a pinner out and pin to the exact post that way people lazy like me won’t give up and leave, your fellow pinner can find the diy right away.
  • When you find someone’s pins you can’t get enough of why not follow them? I love feeling like I discovered a great new ‘curator’ like my pal Michelle P. she’s fairly new to pinning on a regular basis but her pins never disappoint.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask me questions if you have any confusion about the above.  I included a link below that goes into more detail on getting started–

Pinterst::Getting Started


  1. Heeeey! -Thanks for the Pinny love sweet lady! There’s been an unexpected side effect of using Pinterest – I am noticing trends in my own aesthetic. Apparently, I’m really into pink, sweets, & geometric patterns right now!

  2. Your so welcome Miss Michelle, I love all your blushy pinks they are beautiful! Thank you Susan, I actually think the addiction is not bad, it feels like organized chaos, lol!

  3. That bit on the name of artist and link in description is such a good tip–because, starting out, I figured when you repinned, the original link would transfer (for copyright). . . then I noticed it didn’t. Sigh.

  4. Oh wow… Ok, I need to make sure I link back to exact posts, etc.!
    However. I must clean up Luke’s coffee experiment in the kitchen, then perfect my pinning etiquette!

  5. I totally just pinned that image not knowing the etiquette and realized the image was for an article about pinning.
    Either way– great blog! Beautiful style all the way around! love!

  6. Thanks for this – it’s very helpful. I have too many boards and I need to reduce/organize them better. I get upset when I pin something and then I can’t find the original pinner. I comment – but I need to comment more. I LOVE it when people comment on my own pics and when they ask questions and get engaged.

    I have used google images to help find an original source…but even that doesn’t work all the time.

    Thanks for the post!


    PS – I used to live in WA state…in Kirkland. Miss it so much!

  7. Linda, it is a chore to find original source even with Google images, I figure the more we as a community try the better! I haven’t been to Kirkland yet, but it’s on our long list of places to visit!

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