Besotted with Emily Grady Dodge

emily grady dodge via besotted

Emily Grady Dodge Artist Atelier via besotted

Michelle and I are always excited when we get a new follow on @fotorxco but even more excited when we discover a new artist! Emily Grady Dodge seems to be a little under the radar, but with Anthro tapping her for a new campaign and the wonderful work she is producing I am sure she is going to be in the limelight soon enough! We love her dreamy florals and modern abstracts done in palettes of dancing translucent tones. We hope you visit her portfolio and check out her instagram for behind the scenes and new work. Maybe one day she’ll pop in and we can ask her about her process and tools!


Emily Grady Dodge Portfolio

Emily Grady Dodge Shop

Emily Grady Dodge Anthropologie collab

Emily Grady Dodge Instagram

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2 thoughts on “Besotted with Emily Grady Dodge

  1. OK DAY MADE!!! How did I miss this?? THANK you so much! I’ve read your blog for such a long time, this is so surreal. And of course, you know I’m obsessed with your FotoRx tools! I’d HAPPILY talk with you guys ANYTIME about my process, tools, etc. Just say the word! Xoxo EGD

  2. We are so happy to read that you enjoyed! Congrats Emily, we loved seeing the Anthro project and hope to see a ton more inspo from you:)

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