It has been surface of the sun hot here on the East coast.  Yesterday, when I went to the market it was so hot one of the stores was handing out gratis Sno-Cones, in which I gladly accepted my icy, syrupy mess; I think the bottom of my flip flops melted on the way to the car. When I looked at the temp on the dashboard it read that it was 109 degrees farenheit. Last weekend we were invited to a pool party, I didn’t go swimming because I would have rather melted than show my bright white thighs to the public. Ask me today if I would be willing to go into that pool, white thighs and all? For me and all those other folks that may not have access to a pool on this sweltering day, I give you the virtual pool party above.  C’mon in & enjoy your Sunday!

4 thoughts on “VIRTUAL POOL PARTY

  1. Ah, Jill that sounds like heaven about now. I am 2 secs away from going out and buying a galvinized tin tub and filling it with the hose– country style ‘pool’, lol!

  2. Hi Tristan! It’s been miserable here to, but not 109 yet! Or humid. Thank goodness. Thank you for that cooling photo! A couple years ago I was desperate for cool when the house AC pooped out. So I went to Target and bought a cheap kiddy pool which I set up under a patio umbrella in the grass. Heaven…and my Siberian Huskies even hopped in! Hope you find a way to cool down.

  3. Christine, if my husband didn’t spend ALL day willing the phone to ring to be invited to a pool this Sunday I certainly would have bought a kiddie pool! I think our fur babies would love it and it would beat standing in front of a rotating fan trying to cool off. We have AC but my office is in the former attic and I swear it’s Antarctica cold on the first floor and I am sweating bullets upstairs!

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