What to do after you finish your Nanowrimo novel?


Now that we finished the Nanowrimo challenge, the most common question is ‘Now what?’ It’s a fair question to ask and one we only have some pat answers for–edit, rewrite, etc. but inevitably the question remains after that, ‘what are you going to do next?’  Here’s the honest answer, we have something that feels ‘novel-ish‘, we have developed characters that we love, but our protagonist may be a little one dimensional, it’s only 50k words, not quite novel numbers, but not too far from it. Our plot is weak, if you can even actually even call it a plot but there are such tiny, shiny gems that are sparkling brightly throughout, that we feel it’s worth moving forward. Our intention originally was to make it a creative exercise now it’s to see it into an actual edited, finished, cohesive piece that we can actually share with others. Now what?  I am thinking we may need to get help from a professional. I wasn’t sure if they had professionals that will help shape the amoeba like thing that is our Nanorwrimo ‘novel’ into an actual one. I did a little research and thought I would share some of the results in case you too are sitting there with a finished 50k of words (or more), that may have a spark of something, but without advice may just forever live on your hard drive.


Hmmm? Interesting…  Michelle and I don’t have a budget to hire one, but the idea of one is very intriguing and up until yesterday I didn’t even know they existed.  Here’s a few I found some with proven track records!

Jennie Nash-She gives workshops as well! Here’s her success story page. Great interview here.

Ginger Moran

Steve Adams

Sandra Byrd

Here’s a directory of Book Coaches and Ghostwriters


Again, another service I had no idea existed, but I think would be invaluable before you sent your manuscript off to an agent or publisher (or wherever you send it, another thing I have no idea about!)

Lori DeBoer Lori offers coaching but also Developmental editing and Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Critique

Edit my novel

Mill City Press

We know a few of you have participated (and won Nanowrimo!) any tips for editing and turning the first draft into something that feels more like a true work

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