STORAGE_STAMP_1000PX_02Hello my friends!  A happy Monday to you!  I am getting ready for my trip to New Orleans this weekend, I am pretty out of my mind excited.  It was a trip that was a year in the making so I really can’t believe it’s here already. The year before last I was invited to the same weekend getaway by a girlfriend I met on line, I couldn’t make it because I started a new job for a dog food company that canned me a couple weeks later for writing on my blog that I thought no one liked me.  They said they read it and that it seemed like I was unhappy there.  So my suspicions were accurate they didn’t like me, because if they did they would have rectified that feeling of no one liking me, no?  Anyways, I wasn’t cut out for dog food. Fast forward a year later, I was invited again and was able to go, granted I was terrified that I would get there and well that no one would like me (I am terribly insecure with new people), guess what?  They liked me, I loved them and we planned to make it an annual event. I highly recommend doing something like this yourselves if you have a group of on-line/blog friends that you have never met and it seems not plausible because you live all over the country (or even in another country), planning a weekend getaway is a lot easier (and less expensive) than going to one of the big blogger type conventions.  We rented a small beach house, we bought groceries, we took turns cooking, we talked our heads off and we learned so much from each other.  It was worth every second.  And now we are doing it all over again, this time in The Big Easy!

Of course, there’s my move to contend with.  I have started to take down the studio, it’s going to be a long and arduous task, but I know you will help me right?  I need to send some things off to new homes so for today’s bestowal I am going to give one lucky winner the remainder of my wood storage box inventory, it should be about 5-6 boxes.  There is a little disclosure involved, not all will be in perfect condition, meaning some may not have a plexi top or there may be rogue dents (that can be sanded out or painted).  They will still be awesome storage though and if I had room I would keep them for my studio, but alas space is at a premium and I am going to need to send these off.  To enter to win please answer the following question by Sunday, April 7, 2013:

What is your favorite word or words and why?

I am going to need to think on this one myself since I love so many of them for different reasons, I shall join you in the comments later this week!

P.S. I LOVED all your answers last week, I feel I know you so much better, it’s nice to feel like I am not the only one with strange peccadillo’s. There was many I shared with you too. I chose Debe as the winner, because I too at my advanced age am still trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life + I can not handle anyone reading my magazines before I do!  I also want to give something to Katie E. because she took the time to say ‘hi’ to a fellow Winnipegean and I love the idea of this being a community and that it doesn’t have to just be me up here flapping my gums! Ladies please email me your addresses and I will send your prizes off!

P.P.S. Nicole Classes is giving away a year of classes, stop by here for a chance to win.  I have recommended them plenty before and even if you don’t enter it’s worth book marking, it’s an excellent resource!


  1. My favorite word would have to be reverie. It’s from one of my favorite classical pieces by Debussy. The word just evokes romantic and dream like sensory you can’t help but fall in love with the word!

  2. I may have to give you my favorite words – a thought from John Steinbeck – “earthbound but aspiring.”

    I adore the thought of it, the inspiration it gives me, a person who often struggles with insecurity but has huge dreams and hopes. I too am earthbound but aspiring.

  3. My favorite word is “badinage”. I love both how the word rolls off the tongue and how it calls to mind a different age. I’ve only seen the word a few times in print but I’m trying to bring it back into everyday speech!

  4. Gaggle. I mean did they purposely create the sentence “A gaggle of geese” so you have to smile when you say it? I’m a fan of smiling and I’m a fan of that word…and I’m a fan of you! Keep doing what you’re doing because that also makes me smile.

  5. So many favorite words… Not necessarily about the meaning but how they feel when you say them, like thrifty and spaghetti and Electrolux. And yes I will buy something because I like saying it’s name (as long as it is well made). So much more fun saying I have an Electrolux stove than a G.E.!

  6. One of our favorite words at CabinPress Studio is “bespoke” I love descriptive words with a vintage feel. The best part is explaining it and then having people add it to their Scrabble List!!! along with Quion :-)
    Hoping your trip to your new home leads you through Colorado. Tail wags ~moose

  7. I have always been enamored with the Dutch word Schoon. I love how it sounds and that it means both clean AND beautiful. Love your work…just found via Roost!

  8. Hi Tristan, It was meant to be by getting the boot from that dog food co, you know have great friends out of it. I just found you on Caitlin’s at Roost blog.
    My favorite word is Ok not sure why but I start most of my sentences with it, my husband has told me that I say it often.

  9. Firstly I must express how glad I am to hear that I’m not the only person who fears that no one will like them… Actually I’m feeling a little bit of that right now.
    Is picking a favorite word like picking a favorite child? I think so. Probably because I don’t have any children. Let me go from least to greatest.
    My favorite word used to be plethora, because it sounds so great when you use it in an essay. But I must say that Cauldron and Soup are both good. Soup is like the call of a wild animal (i.e. myself when I want soup). Can you picture some enormous baby bird crying SOOP! SOOP! as its mother alights on its nest? Yes!
    Last month I discovered that the word LEMONS is really an acronym for Lovely Edible Mounds of Naple Sugar, and all of those words are among my favorites (ok, so technically Naple isn’t a word; it should be). Lovely and Edible and Mounds especially are wonderful to say, and to think.
    However, I must say that my favorite word, my word of the week, is Calendula. Say it: Calendula. And it’s a flower!

    Greatly impressed with your work,

    Alaina C.

  10. My favorite word is “ethereal”.
    It fills me with thoughts of beauty and a sense of something beyond.

    Tristan, I may have never physically met you, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I like you!

  11. My favourite word is “champagne” try saying it – it just makes you smile! And it’s all about the celebrating of so many special moments! Raise a glass let’s make a toast – have a fab weekend in New Orleans!

  12. My favorite word is plethora. It is fun to say – I like the way it sits in my mouth so much I have to make sure I don’t say it too much. I also think its slightly quirky instead of pretentious.
    Good luck with the rest of your packing, and have a great trip!

  13. I love the word ‘spelunking’/ Not only is it fun to say, but I use it for all things other than it’s intended use. My husband and I go spelunking (thrift store shopping) on weekends. When I need to dive into a lot of work, I am spelunking until I find a solution. Sometimes I just say it to answer a questions. ‘Where are you going for lunch?” Spelunking (looking for a specific item for a craft I’m making).
    Ha-love it!

  14. I never though about my favorite word, I don’t even know if I have one but you made me think …and because I love your giveaway I need to quickly think of something :)
    “sophisticated” – ow, yes, I LOVE this word…not only its pronunciation but also the fact that I almost feel its meaning when someone says it. It’s pronunciation is so elegant and harmony :)

  15. Scrumptious. It’s lively and playful, with the ‘scrump’ part kind of kicking you in the behind and the “schuss” part bringing you back down to earth, with the promise of something good!

  16. Picking a favorite word is too hard! However, pamplemousse, the French word for grapefruit is ONE of my favorites. It’s so improbable somehow. Plus, it’s fun to say!

  17. I have always loved the Spanish word “mantequilla.” It just means butter, but I’ve always loved the sound of it.

  18. Smitten. It has two very different definitions–obviously, “very much in love” is the best one. It’s such a happy feeling to be “smitten” with someone…or something.

  19. The getaway weekend sounds like a wonderful idea and it’s great to spend some time with kindred souls. When it comes to favorite words… there are so many and I think there is each word for a phase of life. Mine now is simple and casual “believe”, because everything you believe in can happen.

  20. Love your blog! Keep up the great work, and the wonderful sharing. You are not alone in fearing that others don’t like them. It’s a lonely feeling, but oddly universal, no? At this moment in my life, my favorite word is “capacious”. An old bf once accused me of having made it up because he had never heard of it and “normal people” never use it in a sentence. Well, here’s to not being normal! Remember, not everyone is cut out to sell dog food. Aspire higher!

    Love your creative and challenging questions, and all of the other favorite words–like bespoke and swoon and pamplemousse and mantequilla! Thanks for asking!

  21. hmmm…. so many words for so many reasons. But if I must pick one, it would be “time”. It’s so many things besides hands on a face with numbers; a reminder, a balancing act, growth, a prompt to refocus priorities. It’s energy, a drain, a help, a waste. It can be special, boring, tedious, meaningful and memorable. It moves steadily, never to be regained. There is something so quiet yet urgent about time.

  22. Serendipity… because it’s fun to say and better to experience
    Meretricious… because it sounds like a compliment, yet it is actually anything but (oh, snap!)
    (for the record… my least favorite words are Moist and Slacks)

  23. My favorite word is ” S I M P L E “. When work/life is out of balance, it reminds me that “less is more”.

  24. My favourite word is not a word at all,
    But a marvolous feeling to recall;
    ‘Tis Swonderful,
    So remember it next time you feel colourful!

  25. Hi Miss B! I’m so excited to hear that my fellow Winnipegger Katie E won your last giveway – hi back to you, Katie, if you read this! :)
    I’m not sure I have a favourite word…but a word I’m really enjoying lately is “gratitude.” I took a meditation class and when the teacher was speaking and guiding the class while we were meditating she said the word “gratitude” and I felt the syllables resonate all over my body. I know, sounds kind of strange…and kind of hippie-ish. It certainly was a new experience for me, as I am fairly new at meditation but ever since then I’ve been thinking more and more aboutt the word “gratitude” and being grateful for all the little things that bring happiness into my life every day.

  26. It’s so hard to choose one word, there are so many that come to mind, mainly because they remind me of someone or something. At the moment I think my favourite word is ‘delightful’. Not sure why, I just keep sayin it to describe things at the moment.

  27. There are so many words that I enjoy saying, but I think my favorites are “Narcissistic”, because its not a word I get to say often (thats probably a good thing) and its fun to say. “Succulent” because its equally fun to say and “Galapagos”, because I believe if I say it enough someday I will be there.

  28. What a fun question, I loved reading everyone else’s favorite words. I’ve always liked flibbertigibbet and kerfuffle, just for the nonsensical feel of each. I also love two Dutch words that are difficult to translate into English, gezellig (somewhere between sociable and cozy, like a gathering of friends and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace) and netjes (dapper and tidy, like a small garden or a little boy dressed in a suit with a bow tie).

  29. I speaker french. In that language, (one of) my favorite word is ‘bombance’. Yes, I love the meaning, but I especially like the sound. To my ears and in my mouth, it is like a bouncing ball. It makes me laugh. I like bouncing words!

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