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We love, love, love books and of course design, the two together makes our hearts sing, you too?  We found this amazing designer and her portfolio and thought we would share! I have to say I think that book cover design is such an interesting niche, there really is so much riding on your getting it ‘just’ right. I love the vintage imagery paired with the starkly modern feel in Grace’s portfolio, it is a really lovely and unique contrast. I am one of those people that will read a book because of its cover and I have to say there are so many books from Grace’s collection that look like they need to be on my nightstand pronto.

Speaking of books, I mentioned to Michelle about the Kindle First program with Prime. If you have an Amazon Prime account (if you don’t, why not?! it’s freakin’ awesome), you can choose 1 free book from 4 offerings to read each month, Michelle didn’t know about it so I thought maybe I’d mention it in case you might have a Prime and not know too. I have discovered some new great authors this way! My last pick was a bit disappointing but that is really a minority, usually I really enjoy my picks. Let us know if you have found any great reads from the Kindle First program, we’re always up for a great read!

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    1. Thank you Seta for your visit and the links! Love your picks, definitely those covers would make me stop and pick them up. I am such a sucker for cover design, it thrills me when a book and cover are equally fantastic!

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