I am totally head over heels for the light in my bedroom in the early evening.  I have been meaning to  document it but kept putting it off (I’m good like that), last night it was extra beautiful and it compelled me break out the camera. I am so glad I did.  Yes, my room is all white–white walls, white carpet (I know I wish it were wood too), white sheets, curtains, two white dogs, etc.  I am not much for color unless it’s in the form of beautiful florals,  I don’t care what color they are.  Sometimes I will just pick some of the lemon verbena sprigs from the garden and place it in an antique apothecary jar, I love the scent+ simplicity. I love this light.

5 thoughts on “BELLUS LUX

  1. I am just digging through your archives. I am just head over heels for your photography, and also the simplicity in your bedroom. That is what I have been aiming for, and it’s getting closer. xo

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