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I have been anxious to show off our jewelry sparkle action because it’s so much fun! I reached out to designer William White who has beautiful designs and as you can see from the before photos they are pretty darn good, but I knew they could be *this* much better! Photographing fine jewelry as I mentioned before is so hard, especially with colorless stones because they pick up every color in their facets, which could be a good thing in real life but could get distracting on a photograph. Most digital images come out of the camera with what we describe as a ‘digital fog/haze’, that’s easy enough to lift, but you need a little more surgical precision to reveal the natural sparkle from the gemstones and yes, we have conveniently placed it in our Shopkeeper’s Helper set so you too will have access to it (but don’t try it on anyone’s eyes unless you want them to look like zombie’s!) Can you see where editing your photos could be fun? I love, love, love seeing the results in a few clicks.  I used 2 actions for the edit (it took about 60 secs to edit both) I used the ‘feeling yellow?’ action which removes any rogue yellow color casts, this is completely adjustable so you can lower the effect, I then used our super duper awesome ‘jewelry sparkle on the spot‘, this allows you to take a brush and paint on the sparkle, again this is another totally adjustable action, I lowered the effect on both these images it was a very simple task indeed.

The more photos I edit with Shopkeeper’s Helper the more excited I get!  I am a Photoshop ninja, that’s true (it’s on my professional resume, I kid you not), but I wasn’t always. Even with my ninja skills, I’d bemoan how my shop photos turned out (they were hideous). I spent hours editing one photo, I was so frustrated + dejected. It took years really for this set to come into fruition, years of dealing with rogue color casts, years of trying to light my photos just right, years trying to figure out how to get a whiter background even after I had a technically perfect exposure. To be able to hand over a tool that will enable a novice photographer + Photoshop user able to attain a professional result easily is really gratifying. We are hoping that better photos equates to more $ales for you. We do know that less time editing photos will allow you more time to do what you love, maybe even develop more beautiful products!

We are ‘on call’ this week to answer any questions you may have about the set, we truly are hoping that we can release it this week, we have been working on it everyday into the wee hours of the night, of course we want to make sure it’s as perfect as possible and that we have all the support materials you need to run them! If you have photos from your shop that you would like to see edited with Shopkeeper’s Helper then put a link to your shop in the comments! If you want to be notified of the launch you can sign-up here (psst, you get a free actions when you sign-up)!


Photos + jewelry design courtesy of the talented Mr. William White

Foto Rx |Shopkeeper’s Helper Photoshop actions (coming soon!)

Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers Bundle

4 thoughts on “Easy Jewelry Photo Editing with Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper

  1. Eagerly waiting! In fact, I was trying to pretty up some new product shots that I took just yesterday and I ended up thinking, “Shoot…maybe I should just wait for the Besotted actions to release!” Maybe I could email an image or two to you and see what magic you can work?

    1. Yes, Miranda, send over some images, I stopped by your shop but 400px was the largest size I could grab from your site. Send to Fotorxtv@gmail.com, we are editing this week so this is a great time to send!

  2. I am so happy and cant wait till you launch the SHOPKEEPER’S HELPER!
    Jewelry photography is one of the hardest things to shoot! Especially when your just a amateur photographer like me! Thats why for me working on my pictures in Photoshop after the “shooting” is very important. I already bought the first version of Foto Rx and the pictures look completely different the improvement is great and i am so happy to found you and the work your doing! Would be wonderful to see the change you can do with one of my pictures! I will send you one to your address and see what miracles you can perform!

    1. Linda, we agree jewelry is SO hard to photograph! We actually have a lot of samples in the new promo of photos we edited that we shot with the Iphone and we would like to believe we obtained some pretty pro results after editing! Please do send over or we are happy to pull from your site, whatever is easiest! You will be able to get the new set at 50% off since you purchased the first set!

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