Low Key Photography Tutorials

lowkey poppy via besotted

Our prompt this week is ‘low key’.  You can do this in both color and B+W. Your image will have predominately dark tones with prominent highlights. This creates a very moody and atmospheric image. You just need one light source, it can be a sun spot or a key light (like a small lamp).

It’s not too late to start your Foto Rx 52, shooting consistently will be the fastest way to becoming a better photographer. Follow us on Instagram for more inspo and edit examples. Shoot this week’s prompt and use #fotorx52 so we can find you and cheer you on.


Photo shot Canon 6D (full frame)

Image edited with B+W actions set (coming soon!)

Edited in Photoshop CC

Tutorials + examples of low key photography:


Nice examples of low key image

Complete beginner’s guide to shooting low key

Low key photography tutorial video

Low key portrait tutorial

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