Carson Ellis Illustrator

Carson Ellis Illustrator via besotted blog

Carson Ellis is one of our favorite illustrators, Michelle and I recently finished The Wildwood Chronicles series and both agree that although the prose was wildly creative, it was made that much better by having Carson Ellis’s illustrations included. I went on to read  the children’s series The Mysterious Benedict Society in which Ellis illustrated the first cover for (fantastic!), Diana Sudyka finished the rest of the series covers, which she did a wonderful job with, it still had the same vibe as Ellis’s but remained true to her own style (she’s another super talented illustrator).

On Ellis’s site she has this wonderful FAQ that we thought you might like to read, it includes her preferred art supplies and even mentions the nibs she uses for lettering! She seems like a very down to earth individual and is wickedly witty, we hope you enjoy reading it!

P.S. I used this Fairy Tale font for Carson’s name!

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