Children Book Covers Re-imagined

Illustration by Lizzy Stewart

We spoke a lot last week about personal projects igniting creativity, they can also be used to help build out your portfolio. Here are some artists that took on the self-initiated challenge of re-interpreting children’s book covers, I think this is particularly difficult as we all seem to have memories attached to the original illustrations and it would take quite a bit of talent to make you actually acknowledge that the new designs are good or dare I say better than the originals?  Michelle and I have been discussing doing this for a shared favorite author that we feel their covers do not do justice for the stories, just dreaming up the images has been a happy creative exercise (we do like to do a lot of dreaming around here). We thought we would share some of our favorite finds here!

Illustration by Kevin Howdeshell

Illustrationby Emily Dove

illlustration by sarah strandoo

Have you ever done something list this before? We’d love to hear if you have!

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