Nude Eyeliner? Heck Yes! | Best of Besotted

Michelle and I are enjoying our summer (and I hope you are too).  I suppose if you are on the other side of the globe than keeping cozy with your winter (hard to envision winter when it's 90 + out). We are doing a 'best of besotted' this week. These are the posts that you found the most interesting … [Read more...]

Nars Cosmetics | Fonts in the Wild

It was a no brainer that on a beauty week the font I was going to choose to highlight would be the one used on the Nars packaging. Helvetica is a classic (they even made a documentary on it). It is one of my all time favorite fonts and I used it in various weights for the branding of my former PR … [Read more...]

L’Oreal True Match vs. Maybelline Fit Me dewy + smooth

Gosh, you must think all I do is sit around all day trying BB, CC creams and foundations. I have written my fair share of reviews on these subjects and have been quite opinionated on them all. Drugstore foundations are probably the hardest to test since color matching is a Herculean task and who has … [Read more...]

I dyed, my foray into home hair color…

A few months after my daughter was born I noticed something rather disconcerting--a few rogue white hairs. I did what any person in my position would do, I removed them without hesitation and forgot about them. My husband though admonished me for doing that and said they would multiply; I may have … [Read more...]

Burt’s Buzz and other news

It's Monday, it's the 1st, and we have not finished editing our class, woo hoo, for trifecta's! It has not been from lack of effort, Michelle and I have worked every day straight for a over a week on just recording and editing. The screencast is a new medium for us and there has been a huge learning … [Read more...]