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I nearly knocked down my fellow patrons at the supermarket over the weekend when I saw the cover of Domino and the words ‘we’re back’ printed on the cover. I couldn’t have put this in my cart fast enough and even patiently (patience is not my strong suit) waited until the following morning where I could have a few minutes to myself before work to peruse it. Well…I so want to tell you that I loved it and it was even better than before and I am so happy I am going to implode, but I was left a little dejected, it was not the Domino of yore.  There were some odd choices like putting a model on the cover versus the owner of the interior, since that was how they used to do it, it was confusing when I saw the interior and it belonged to someone else. I worked in interior design for years and I can tell you that there are a bazillion photogenic and uberly talented designers that could have graced the cover and showed off their stunning interiors, really bazillion would be a low number, they do explain why they did this but I think they shouldn’t have budged on the format unless the apartment was so amazing it would have blown your mind then maybe. The apartment featured?  It’s lovely but really it’s a toned down version of Jenna Lyon’s former Park Slope flat, the same chandelier, same body style on the sofas and creme and brown tribal rug, same fireplace, maybe it’s even the same place (she did sell it after all).  It’s just not something that I haven’t seen before, now when I saw Jenna Lyon’s place for the first time I was WOWED, and you know I am a neutral loving, subtle palette kind of girl but I love when someone has such original vision (here’s another peek).

One thing I was happily surprised about was the new editor-in-chief, none other than former Domino staffer Michelle Adams (of Lonny mag fame).  That girl is a success story and in my few dealings with her, she has been beyond kind. I am sure having a lot more cooks in the kitchen contributed to how this issue played out, but I know she has the chops and the love of Domino to bring it back to its former glory.  Now that I have probably ostracized myself from any future Domino dealings maybe I should go into what I liked?  I liked the gift guides, but I am a sucker for gift guides in general, what would have been amazing is if they contacted Ez for her gift guide prowess, every year Ez’s guides are so worth the wait, but I digress. I loved that they featured Etsy artists within the gift guide round-up, when I first started on Etsy in 2007 editors wouldn’t want to feature you with just an Etsy shop, I love that it is now not only accepted but highlighted-go indie!  There were no ads throughout the book, interesting. I hope they continue to do a floral feature, I would love to see Amy Merrick’s work!  I actually have more input, but I will hold my tongue and wait for the scathing email  from Domino. I do want this magazine to make a comeback even if it is only seasonal so I am hoping that the next offering is a lot more meaty and has more of what we loved of the original mag–keep it light, keep it clean, keep it original, introduce us to new ideas and new talents and don’t make it so aspirational that we can’t afford anything within the pages.  Go Domino, I know you can do it!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they are expecting a baby girl in December (possibly November). Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

12 thoughts on “DOMINO’S BACK! OR IS IT?

  1. i too am hoping for great things from domino. my favorite feature was rita konig’s travel guides. of course, i love just about anything rita konig writes. totally with you on having a cover model instead of the owner. odd choice.

  2. this post totally made me smile – had you lived on the east coast, you and i would have been the ones knocking each other down to get to the issue. :) there were some things that i loved and other things i thought, what? i spent a little time yesterday afternoon reading through it (though i think i loved the feature home a little more – it did definitely remind me of the jenna lyons piece, over which i was GAGA! – and would have moved in happily). i am indeed glad some shelter and lifestyle magazines are slowing making their way back, but at this price i might as well buy one of my beloved australian or u.k. shelter magazines (not ads, though, i get it). love me some good eye candy. :)

  3. Very happy it’s back (although I have yet to score an issue)…and glad to see Michelle Adams at the helm! I have to agree with you on the model vs. actual designer/owner…ODD.

  4. I like Rita Konig as well! I think there must be a bunch of maximalist on the team right now, it felt very cluttered without visual ‘breathing room’. Balance. Even the Nate Berkus feature felt lost in the issue and I can’t pinpoint why this is, was it the absence of ads that may be needed for breaks between stories? I have always wanted in issue without ads, but…

  5. I loved Jenna Lyons place too, it hit the perfect pitch of unexpected without being too much and it was very original, that’s my gripe the apartment covered was basically a toned down version/copy and so it fell flat for me, even the desk plus wall of inspiration felt very Jenna Lyons inspired, not a bad inspiration but it wasn’t a twist more like a replica, it might have been good for an inside story but not cover and multiple pages. I agree, the Australian shelter mags are SO good! And yes, the price makes me want to take it back for what was inside the pages, but I am hoping that it gets better, fingers crossed!

  6. I would be very curious to hear from an interior designer on what their thoughts were so if you get a chance to flip through the book please let me know!

  7. Oh my goodness Tristan…your sweet little mention totally caught me by surprise and made me blush to no end (I would die to put together a Domino gift guide)! Thank you so much! I’m so flattered! xox Ez

    P.S. I’ve been wondering if my recent emails have possibly been taken out by an overly-aggressive spam filter. Are any of my notes making it through to you?

  8. i still have every old issue of domino … 1st to last … i would be very curios to see how the new version compares. i always enjoyed the feature where they would create a room from an inspirational outfit or artwork. must try to find a copy and have a peek. i am not thrilled to hear it is more cluttered as i loved the fresh, spare feel it had. thanks for the insight.

  9. Dawn, I had to get rid of mine after this 3rd move, it was getting too cumbersome but I would LOVE to hear feedback from someone that can compare! At $11.95 and issue is should knock your socks off and to me it didn’t but I DO have hopes it will get there again!

  10. I believe they NEED you! Sheesh Ez, they could even use your input on the layouts, perhaps a Creative Director position? I am sure there current Creative Director is great but I don’t think he understands why we all loved the mag so much and it really is a blogger fave and so are you;)

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