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I know Halloween just passed, but I have been in the holiday spirit for awhile now, maybe it’s because as a shop owner you need to prepare so far in advance for holiday that you are aching to get your goods up and celebrate the season, or it could be that I am one of those crazy holiday people. Confession, I have always referred to Christmas time as ‘Tristmas’, yes, I know that may not be PC but tell that to my five year old self. I am just into the holidays.  So it was with great excitement when my friend Meg, a talented photographer and all around creative said she was working on a holiday magazine.  I love Meg’s simple style and her authentic voice. I have recommended her books and templates previously (I am going to have to order baby’s 1st year book template!) and I do think the holiday issue will be a welcome inspiration addition.

Meg featured the Besotted Brand wreath monogram stamp for easy + elegant wrapping, I never realized previously how nicely they worked for holiday but they do indeed!  To celebrate the mention I would love to give away one wreath monogram. Just answer the following question by Sunday, November 10, 2013:

What indulgent gift would you love to receive this holiday? (it could be completely unrealistic!)

And the winner of last week’s giveaway was–Kate, I loved that her sentiment was both cheeky + thoughtful. Please email so I can get your prize sent off to you.  Speaking of prizes, the last two bestowals have gone unclaimed, I have started to put the winners up here so definitely check to see if you have won, I put your name and your answer just so there is no confusion on whether it was your answer. You can find the winners page under the ‘resources’ link at the top of the site. I announce all winners on the following Sunday/Monday of the giveaway. Unclaimed prizes will be just that, unclaimed so if you play, please come back to get your prize!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to sunny Seattle with her handsome husband and two pups, they are expecting a baby girl in December (possibly November). Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

25 thoughts on “MEG FISH & CO. | HOLIDAY ISSUE

  1. My Christmas gift wish is very simple.
    I would love nothing more than to have my beautiful granddaughter sitting in my lap, her tiny arms wrapped around my neck while I cover her in kisses.
    It is both totally self indulgent and completely unrealistic, but a dream never the less!
    A French dream for Christmas :)

  2. Three months ago I got married and one week later moved to Brazil. Because the move was on short-notice, and because it’s ridiculously expensive to ship things to Brazil, we were unable to bring our wedding gifts with us. I will be back in the States next summer, but the thought of my full set of pretty china just sitting in a box at my parents’ house makes me sad. So my indulgent gift would be to ship a container of all my beautiful wedding gifts to Brazil just so I could have them with me for the next 9 months. :)

  3. My ultimate indulgent gift would be a house :) I’ve lived in a basement apartment for the last seven years and even though I love my little place and the neighbourhood I live in, I could really do without upstairs neighbours. Especially the ones who are living in the top half of the house now! I’ve been dreaming of buying an old red brick Victorian out in the country and bringing it back to it’s glory days with reclaimed bits and pieces from other houses. I’d have beautiful gardens, maybe get some chickens and geese. Eventually I can picture myself looking out the kitchen window to see little kids running around in the grass chasing a dog, a cat sunning himself on a big rock in the garden, my husband splitting wood for our winter fires. So yes, I’d like a house for Christmas! :)

  4. We had our second baby boy on Sunday (!!!) and we are so happy but I know by January/February I will be dying for a vacation. And secretly a romantic getaway with my husband only. Like to a ridiculous cheesy beach resort in the Caribbean where we just eat, lounge, and swim in the ocean. So not my thing normally but Ahhh sounds so good now! That sounds amazing amidst all the transitions we’re going through right now.

  5. The beginning of the year I changed jobs and job fields. I am no longer the boss and with that no longer make the boss salary. I would love to retile by bathroom shower thats ever so in need of a facelift from its 1970’s facade.

  6. I definitely have been getting more and more into design lately and i would love nothing more to be able to make my own Christmas cards on illustrator and what not for the silly season. Why must it be so expensive, or am i just looking in the wrong place? x

  7. What indulgent gift would you love to receive this holiday? (it could be completely unrealistic!)
    This holiday season I would like to receive or find a wooden box. It could be rustic, antique or made out of cardboard. The uniqueness of the box would be I could keep place letters, keepsakes, photos of memories of this journey. It is not indulgent gift yet it would be something that would mean a lot to me.

  8. My indulgent gift would be receiving lots of airline miles to fly my family to California. I moved to CA from TX a little over a year ago and they haven’t been able to visit yet. I want to open there eyes to a new part of the U.S. Since they don’t get to travel and introduce them to the place I now call home.

  9. Entirely unrealistic: I would just love a month long European vacation. To go travel, see wonderful places, eat delicious food, relax and not follow a schedule – it sounds like absolute heaven. Well, I’ll dream about it!

  10. My latest impractical secret wish would be bulbs. I’m talking LOTS of spring bulbs—planted by Santa’s elves? We just bought a new home, so I instantly want to transform it to a lovely English garden. Dark moody plum tulips, paperwhites, fringey white tulips, magenta hyacinths and baby grape hyacinths, lily of the valley, aliums, rich bearded irises! This may seem like an exhaustive list–but I’m leaving some out of my imaginary garden dream. Quite indulgent. And while we’re asking Santa for the impossible, could he please keep the squirrels out of the garden beds?

  11. It is hard to think about what I would want if I could ask for anything. A house, sure! A trip, awesome. But recently my husband and I have been starting to sail, and what would be fantastic would be to have our own boat to practice, and play with. Nothing too complicated, and nothing too big, just something to start out on, and maybe big enough to take a weekend trip on! Ahh yes, I would want a sailboat this year!

  12. With three kids in college my indulgent wish would be the security of a retirement account so I don’t have to live with one of them when we’re older! Oh, and a house would be nice too. I’m tired of renting. :(

  13. I would love an all expenses paid trip around the world with my husband and my two little ones. Being able to share in learning about all the different cultures, traditions, food and landscapes with them would be a dream come true.

  14. I love to pamper myself when I get a chance, so I’d love to purchase some bath pampering scrubs, oils and lotions to enjoy myself after a long stressful day/week of work and family health issues.

  15. I wish I could get nicely packed (in beautiful wooden box with white tag say: “All for you”) box of extra time. I wish someone sell it :) It would be the best present ever

  16. I would love someone to buy me an iPad. That seems so behind the times. I’ve never been one to spend my precious few dollars on technology trends but with all my traveling for work, it seems almost unavoidable. Plus you can get really cool games for it. :P

    Slightly more realistically – I’ve had my eye on a few really nice Kate Spade watches that would be a welcome present. I feel like watches have become so underrated lately and I love ’em!

  17. I wish it were possible for someone to gift me the money and time (and child care) to take jewelry design classes so I can start my own business. That dream lights a fire under me and I just can’t think of a way to make it happen.

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