It’s time for another Souvenir Foto School session!  This class we will be focusing on food, I figured it was a much easier subject for us all to tackle than say the eight wonders of the world.  I wanted to choose something that we all had access to and most everyone is passionate about.


  1. Miss B, I just saw your post and got all excited. I’d love to join in (just got a new DSLR that I’m learning how to use), but I’m a little nervous – I’m not much of a cook. Okay, I’m not a cook, period; I’m hopeless. Should I wait till the next round?

  2. Hi Brandi-

    Go ahead and join, you can also take photo’s of your favorite food (like I did above) that’s a mini flourless chocolate cake from Magnolia bakery. I figured food is easily accessible a subject so yes, join away!

  3. Wow, such spiffy new digs you’ve got here! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this session. See you in class!

  4. So very very excited! :D :D :D

  5. I can’t wait! Your last Souvenir Foto session was the most fun I’ve had doing a creative project in a very long time.

  6. How perfect, last night I was trying to capture my dinner and was thinking that I could use some tips. I’m new to the site, how do these Foto School’s work?

  7. Hi Lil Mama, just click the link ‘sign-up’ here and join in:)

  8. Are you still hosting this class? Or is it finished already, and if so will you be doing another? Can I ask if you teach photo basics at all along with the subject matter? I got a brand spankin new camera and still have that sucker on auto…:(

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