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If you can’t believe we are still doing our 52 week project, let me tell you that I can’t believe it either. So if we can motivate and shoot a photo a week, I am positive you can as well. Won’t you join us?  Our prompt this week is freelensing, this technique is for the brave or wildly foolish, it seems we can be a bit of both. The concept is you take your lens off your camera and manually move it around until you get focus. The results are always unique and totally unexpected. We are not experts by any means, so we are going to make sure that we provide you plenty of resources if you do decide to do something as crazy as this. I always use my older camera that I know I won’t mind if it falters, but there are pro’s out there that dare to use their expensive equipment, but I am neither that brave nor foolish (yet).

photo by michelle p.


Foto Rx Instagram feed

The Art of Freelensing

Freelens photography tutorial

Freelens how to do it

Freelens tutorial

Freelens demo

A little bro but good demo

A tool to make it easier

Photo shot with Fuji Xt10

Image edited with Stockholm Clean x Minimal

Edited in Photoshop CC

This photographer utilizes the technique beautifully

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