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Wow! I thought prepping our first Foto Rx launch was a lot of work, but this one was, oh this one, what a doozy!  Hooray, today is the day, we can celebrate we are officially launched and the interwebs will be a much prettier place! There are so many little details behind the scenes that came into play to make Shopkeeper’s Helper a reality, creating the actual actions themselves was taxing for my tired Mommy brain (but a welcome challenge), but all the support materials? Michelle had never made a video until the last launch and now I must say her Shopkeeper’s Helper promo video is aces! I keep telling her she needs to teach a class on it (even if it’s only so I can learn how). All the witty copy? Miss Michelle to thank. In fact I should publicly thank her, because if it wasn’t for Michelle we all know that this project would not have come into fruition. Anyone with a toddler and no help knows that you spend all day constantly running around, at night you are a bedraggled, tired mess, even eating/bathing takes too much energy let alone developing the world’s greatest (humble opinion), simple + easy to use product photo editing tool in a very complicated program (thanks M!). We have our fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed that you are as wowed by these Photoshop actions as we are, we are a bit chuffed with ourselves and that never happens with two perfectionists on a project.

We are confident that this will cut your product photo editing time to seconds versus hours, even when you choose to use our surgeon precision-like actions which take an eensy bit more effort you still can get an edit done in under 60 seconds! Oh the joy of having more time to do what you love and less of the tasks that make you want to rip your hair out! Maybe that should be our tagline? I am going to keep this short today because seeing is believing and I think that once you take a peek your eyes are going to do a happy dance! And of course you can pick up your very own set of Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper Photoshop actions here. Thank you very much!

A special thank you to all of you as well for your encouragement, support and visits here, it helped us stay motivated and power through (even when I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open), please know how very grateful and appreciative we truly are. And because we are so very appreciative we are giving away a mini set of our premium actions called ‘Shop docs’, they create templates for all the major social media outlets, one click and your document will be appropriately sized for the corresponding social media, just drag your artwork into place, no longer do you need to search Pinterest aimlessly to figure out the sizing! Le sigh! It’s free, just sign-up for the mailing list and it will be emailed to you stat!

P.S. Can’t get enough of our before and afters? Than visit some of our faves here!

P.P.S. This photo was taken by Michelle with the Iphone, so yes, you can can get super high quality + pro results even with your smartphone!

5 thoughts on “Product Photography Editing made easy!

  1. Tristan & Michelle this is truly a triumph because it is useful and makes a real difference for artisans unskilled in photography so they can showcase their work accurately. Bravo!

    1. Thank you Marilyn for your kind words and visit! We know that not everyone is coo coo about photography + editing as we are and if they took the time to put together an on-line shop they probably just want to spend more time developing more products or reaping the benefits of all their sales! We are hoping that this makes it so effortless to do that, that this can be crossed off the to-do list, but I am secretly hoping that at least a couple people fall madly in love with Photoshop too:)

    1. Oh, Miranda what an AWESOME comment to pop up this morning! We are so excited, please know we are only an email away if you have any questions!

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