How-to get whiter backgrounds in your product shots-the quick + easy way!

Has obtaining those beautiful white backgrounds in your product photography alluded you? No matter what type of light you shoot in you feel like you upload to your computer and your whites are either too blue, too yellow, too gray or…?  We completely understand your frustration, trust us we have been there too, that’s why we developed what we believe to be the quickest + easiest way to get those whites nice and bright without effecting your exposure and still maintaing your shadows!  We toyed with the idea of just selling this one action as the set, it’s that much of a product photography game changer, but because we love you so we included a boat load of other cures for your malady stricken photos. Your product photos on-line are your first ‘in’ with potential consumers and we all know how many choices there out there, you only have that one second to grab someone’s attention, speaking of seconds, wouldn’t it be nice to edit in them? We think so!  If you have questions about Shopkeeper’s Helper just leave them in the comments.  If you are having trouble just getting started with your product photography we created a mega list of tutorials here and if you need a quick overview on Photoshop we have some great tutorials here and free Photoshop courses here.

Of course you don’t need a shop to partake in the editing goodness, we think this set with the ‘paint on whiter background’ action would be perfect for bloggers especially if you do a lot of DIY’s on white backgrounds and yes, you can even use this action to clean up your lettering! Just bring up a scan or photo of your black and white lettering and paint over the entire image, it’s how I cleaned up this lettering piece!

We can’t wait for you to try Shopkeeper’s Helper, we want you to be able to make great photos for your shop, we think healthy photos = happy $hoppers!