“Bella, do you know what today is?” I think it’s Thursday, but I can’t be sure because as you know I am a dog and have no sense of time. “It’s your birthday!”.  Does this day include a walk? Because I really, really like to go on walks.

Today is Bella’s 6th birthday.  I can not believe that she has been in my life nearly as long.  We adopted our naughty Frenchie when she was six months old and were smug with our altruistic ways, until Bella humbled us–completely. It is hard to be smug when your dog audibly passes gas when you walk down the street.  It’s futile to try to explain to strangers that it wasn’t you, your professions of innocence only make you look guiltier. This dog has been nothing but trouble since the day after her trial period with us was up.  I swear she was on her best behavior and when she knew we were her forever home she let her true colors shine.  There was the time she ate an entire tube of A & D ointment, to this day she starts salivating if you get any ointment type product within a few yards of her. Bella also loves  to eat paper, any kind of paper will do. Or the time I almost left her father because of how she redecorated our apartment. Then of course the court ordered muzzle. Sigh. She is the world’s naughtiest Frenchie, if there is havoc to be had she will be causing it, today on her 6th birthday I will let her (as long as it doesn’t involve cleaning up anything). Today I will give her a free pass to hang out on the furniture, maybe even go for a car ride with the window down and of course she’ll get plenty of tummy rubs, because she loves that the most.

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