Besotted with hard light florals


dahlia_hardlight_white by tristan b via besotted

We have had an unusually hot week here in Seattle, a place where almost no one has air conditioning, which makes days sitting behind a computer in an office an almost excruciating experience. Michelle and I decided to take a break and get some fresh air, albeit sweltering, and take some shots at the Dahlia gardens. We knew we weren’t going to be able to cut anything down for our shoot, so we just lugged around giant white foam core board and took turns holding it up for each other. I have done this by myself and it has worked as well, but it is easier (and more fun) to have a friend assist. We used our Iphones and did quick one click edits in Lightroom with our beta Lightroom presets, a version of our Stockholm Photoshop action set, designed to pop the whites, lightly mute tones and add a bit of contrast. It works really well on these hard light images, something we are really attracted to right now, especially after all the recent Herb Ritts inspiration. It feels good to be inspired right now, especially after what felt like a lull, but I guess that’s just the nature of creativity, learning to live with the ebb and flow and trusting that ruts won’t last forever…



White foam core

Herb Ritts

Stockholm | Clean x minimal

Photoshop + LR subscription bundle

photos 1+3 by michelle p. | photo 2 by tristan b.


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