This has been a much requested tutorial and for such an easy process it was surprisingly a lot of steps  to photograph!  I assure you this is the easiest way that I have found to be able to stamp an impression in the middle of my stationery flat.  I tried other equipment made specifically for stamping in the center of your cardstock, but found it a little complicated. I am also of the camp that believes less is more, if I don’t need to purchase any special equipment I won’t. So let’s gather our simple supplies. You will want to have the following supplies at your ready, we are going to create a template:
  • Piece of blank paper larger than the cardstock you want to center stamp on.
  • Writing utensil, preferably a pencil in case you make a mistake and need to erase.
  • A ruler
  • The cardstock size you want to be able to center stamp on.
Neatly trace your chosen cardstock onto your paper.  You are going to be using your template over and over again so if you want to use a weightier paper or even a thin cardstock as your template by all means go ahead.
Remove your chosen cardstock and there you have the very beginning of your template, which I know just looks like a penciled rectangle, but it shall become much more with a little tweak.
Now comes the hard part (I jest).  Find the center and draw a vertical 1″-2″ line. You have now created your center guidleline!
Ink your stamp, put your chosen cardstock on top of your template and you will see your center guideline clearly. Gently, but firmly press your stamp where in the center you would like your artwork to be, lift up (do not rock or jiggle). You should have a beautiful + centered impression!
For those of you who don’t want to use a ruler to find the center, just bend your cardstock in half and then use the folded center crease to create your guideline.
As always if you have any questions just ask them in the comments and I am happy to answer away.


  1. Eye-balling is an art, not everyone can do (me included), I would be about 1 straight and centered to every 20 crooked and looking like I was stamping drunk, lol. This is good if you are creating multiple sets as it keeps it nice and consistent:)

  2. Hi there,

    Great technique for someone like me….who gets stamps crooked all of the time. I tried this technique for a card I was stamping inside of. My “happy birthday” was still getting stamped lopsided. I even added an extra line in the middle of the template here that runs horizontally in the middle but hard to see it when you are stamping bang in the middle of the A2 size card. What should I do? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

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