After many tests I chose the Color Box Frost White as the very best white stamp ink.  It’s the most opaque without resorting to embossing.  It also still allows for detail to show through, which I found key. It never left a perfect impression, but I don’t mind the handcrafted/rustic feel, if you want perfect I don’t think white stamp ink is there yet. The one thing I should mention is that ink reacts differently to each substrate (the item you are printing on) in this case cardstock. Some cardstock is more porous or has more texture, etc. so you need to test on your cardstock prior to getting started on your project. Practice is well, good practice in hand printing/stamping.  There’s a learning curve and it’s silly to believe you are going to be great right out the gate, I know this from experience, I thought ‘how hard could it be?’ I am full of crafting bravado, I quickly learned that I needed some practice. It’s not hard per se but there is technique involved. So there you have it my favorite white stamp ink. My next hand printing/stamping tutorial will be on how to center a stamp so stay tuned!


  1. i’m glad you shared this hunt! i actually just found a white ink pad i love – it’s meant to look like chalk and did a pretty good job of being opaque on black cardstock. did you happen to try this one too?

    you can see how it covered in the last picture of my monday post:

    sounds like you found your favorite but always good to have options, right :)

  2. I agree. I have several stamp inks that I purchased online, and Color Box is definitely the best for the rubber stamps that I use. Silicone stamps though work better with the smooth, wet pads like Vivid for some reason.

    Oh, I can’t wait for the tutorial on how to center the stamps! I’m sure it’s something simple that I won’t be able to get my head around because I always complicate things. Part of the beauty of hand stamping is the crooked surprise of where they land, but sometimes I just want a straight and centered stamp!

    Another tutorial that I’d love for you to do if you can, is how to make a clear impression with a big stamp. I try so hard to press on the center of the stamp, but for some reason sometimes the stamp still disappears towards the middle. I just don’t get it.

  3. Faye, yes, everyone that stamps needs a good white ink! Naomi, okay your question about larger stamps I am going to try to answer here. How large? If it’s notecard size like a 3″ x 5″ type I suggest getting out a brayer, it’s the only way I have found to properly ink a large stamp evenly. Try that and if that doesn’t work let me see if I can’t come up with more ideas!

    Diane, that white looks AWESOME! Oh, no am I going to fall down another rabbit hole of shopping, lol? I HAVE to try it!!!

  4. Hi Miss B!

    Thank you for answering my question! My largest and most problematic stamp is 4.25 X 2 inches big. I didn’t buy it from your shop, your stamps thankfully work perfectly. But I hope with your experience you might have a tip for me.

    I actually can ink it really well, only I think the handle at the center is interfering with spreading even weight for the impression. When I lift the stamp, the ink at the center didn’t press to the paper well, sometimes not at all. I’ve tried pushing on the stamp with my fingers around the handle, to varying degrees of success. What’s a girl to do?

  5. Naomi, I should have asked if it was handled! AHA! Remove the handle (most unscrew). Handles are not good on larger stamps it just doesn’t work, trust me I tried. I love the way they look but they are really only good for smaller stamps and stamps that are evenly sized (a 1″ x 1″, a 2″ 2″ etc.) That should fix your problem right away:)

  6. Where do you get your cardstock? I’m trying to find Kraft paper cardstock postcards and apparently I might as well be looking for the Holy Grail. I had no idea it was so hard. I want to use my new stamp to make some thank you cards, but can’t find the cards!

  7. How did you get this ink to be permanent? I waited for days for it to dry. Did you use a heat gun or emboss with white powder over the top? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashleigh, I did not emboss. I think it depends on what your substrate you printed on, was it not porous enough to accept the ink? Did you put too much ink on? I always suggest bringing the ink pad to the stamp so you can just put on the ink you need. You could also use an embossing gun (without the embossing powder) to wave over to help in the drying process.

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