Yesterday after work I decided to finally address my crazy long hair situation.  Hair doesn’t get that long by chance, perhaps the person possessing that crazy hair has had a series of bad haircuts that made them a little gun shy when it comes to the hairdresser? A petite phobia?  When I arrived at the  hair salon a.k.a the scene of the crime, I discussed with the stylist the length I wanted and the cut. Please view exhibit a. here (the girl on left) and exhibit b. here for reference. I also wanted to donate my extra pony tail to Locks of Love an organization that makes hairpieces for disadvantaged kids that have suffered hair loss from medical conditions. I knew they needed at least nine inches and at ten inches my hair would still be long and not miss the extra length.  I was feeling smug with my decision, how could I get a bad haircut when I was doing something so valiant? I suppose very easily.  I do not know where on the reference photos it showed I wanted to look like Marcie Johnson from Peanuts, but that is the cut I got.  My hair is square, not figuratively but actually square. So whilst I try to act as if nothing is wrong, I will be crying into my wrapping paper this afternoon as I try to will my square hair to grow.  Never a dull moment for Miss B.  In other news, if I don’t make it back here tomorrow wishing you all a Happy Holiday!
image of marcie by charles schultz

4 thoughts on “A CHRISTMAS EVE TAIL

  1. Oh I am sorry! I too am gun shy of stylists…I some how got a dorothy hammil hair cut, and it wasn’t the 80’s, we’re talking a few years ago. shudder!

    Vitamin E and other antioxidants are supposed to help with hair growth, and, up do’s hide a lot.

  2. Oh, goodness! I bet your short bob looks cute, but I can imagine your frustration. It’s too bad I couldn’t point you to my AWESOME girl in Chicago – she keeps my hair long, adds in layers all over for interest, and most recently, she cut me shaggy bangs – like your exhibit b.

    I bet you still look beautiful!

  3. I just heard this the other day and it should cheer you up…”The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 2 weeks.” Until then think good thoughts about where your lovely hair may end up.

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