Winner Wonderland | Day 11 Hand-lettered Saissant Font

Merry Christmas via Besotted Blog

Since the first time I saw this font from our friend Jess at Magpie Paper Works I have been completely besotted. When we asked her to participate and she asked which one we’d like to share for the giveaway, I admittedly was having a hard time choosing, she has so many amazing fonts that I know anyone who loves lettering and fonts will be thrilled to have this one in their collection. We also want to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, we know not everyone celebrates this day, but we hope that everyone can into the spirit and enjoy this season. We are so grateful for your support and we hope you have been enjoying this little giveaway we created, we have decided to extend the entry date until January 2, 2016 to give you more time to play!

To enter to win one Saissant font suite please answer the following question:

What is the best gift you ever received?


Enter until January 2, 2016! We will close comments on December 26, 2015, January 2, 2016. All entries are chosen at random. We will announce the winners on January 4, 2016! Please make sure that when you enter your email in the comment box (note: it will NOT show on site) that it is a working email. We will give all winners a week to claim prizes after we contact them, after that week if it is not claimed, the prize will go to another entrant.

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25 thoughts on “Winner Wonderland | Day 11 Hand-lettered Saissant Font

  1. I would have to say the birth of my son last year. It would be incomprehensible to the former, childless me just how much love, joy, happiness and laughter one small person could bring into your life.

  2. probably a day in the mountains .. Dog sledding with my ex-boyfriend. An awesome experience but a little sad to think about it now. Bittersweet memory!

  3. This Christmas. My daughter’s face when she opened her plush Anna and Elsa dolls. I am not a fan of the Frozen movie, but man, did those dolls make her happy.

  4. Besides family and friends and my husband and all that, this year my husband gave me a Claire vivier clutch and it isn’t too shabby ;)

  5. A photo book I received this Christmas from one of my bestest friends which has pictures of past Christmases and birthdays of our friends-amily. I know the best people.

  6. This Christmas my husband gave me a cow ornament :) After 27 years of life I’ve finally decided that the cow is my favorite animal. He gave me some other things, but the cow made me squeal with delight.

  7. The best tangible gift I ever received was a camera from my husband. I thought it was a pair of shoes he had ordered online and teased him about it, so I was very surprised since we aren’t big gift givers. But the best thing about it was the faith behind it: that I’d be able to build a small (but rewarding) business out of something I loved and that he’d cheer me on the whole way. :)

  8. Although this isn’t really one gift, the annual Christmas ornaments that my siblings and I get mean so much to me. They’re always beautiful, and when it’s time for me to move out, I’ll have a Christmas tree that is actually something more than an overly decorated tree in the living room.

  9. On my 21st birthday my mother gave to me a ring given to her by her own mother – a beautiful sapphire surrounded by diamonds. As my grandfather left for WWII he gave it to my grandmother, an insurance policy to be sewn into her overcoat and sold if she need the money to support herself and my uncle. It remained in the overcoat until he returned and they left England to settle in Kenya. I treasure it more than anything x

  10. A book gifted to me as a child, Charlotte’s Web, by E. B. White. A story about love, friendship, life and death. It was the best gift ever, I enjoyed it immensely as a child, read it to kids i “kid sat,” and have gifted several copies. Still a family favorite!

  11. My favorite Christmas present was a framed photo of my mom’s mom…my grandmother whom I never had the blessing of meeting, but have such a deep love in my heart for. I have always loved hearing stories of her when I was a kid and even more so as an adult…and when I opened that little box with a black and white photo of her I was really moved. It sits on my desk to this day and now my daughter peeks over the top of my desk to look at her “Popo” and loves to listen to the stories about her! :) Oh…and the font is so beautiful!!! :)

  12. My family – my son, my dog, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, and my grandparents.

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