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I felt like I wanted to showcase some soft + dreamy inspiration and knew exactly who would be able to satiate that desire–Pinterest Curator Meg Fish. Meg is a photographer (and one of my favorites).  I think Meg’s description of of herself is so accurate-Minimalist artistic visionary in love with details. Her boards have such an ethereal light going through them, you can tell that it’s a photographers curation. Meg doesn’t have a lot of pins currently but I am hoping with this post that it motivates her to curate more. My absolute favorite board of hers is the ‘Pale & Interesting‘, beautiful soft muted palettes, textures and light–sigh.

On another note, I have been receiving emails from you that have asked to be considered for future Pinterest curator posts, I LOVE that, thank you! I am so thrilled you are enjoying this feature and I am happy to take a peek at your boards.  I do request that you have over 1,000 pins (it’s easier to get there than you think) and that you pin on a regular basis to be considered. So feel free to email me or leave your link to your Pinterest in the comments below. Speaking of comments, if you have a site, blog, instagram, Tumblr or what have you make sure you fill out the space for that in the comments box. I won’t always be able to visit when it gets busier with the shop, etc. but I always try to visit at least a few new links from the comments each week.  I am always so grateful for your visit to my little spot on the web and would love to see what YOU are up to as well!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She’s a little obsessed with Pinterest and tries to convince her husband that she is ‘working’ when she spends more time than she should on it.


  1. Hello Miss B,
    I just wanted to stop by to say how much I adore your blog. It is truly one of the very few I slow down to read and savor each word. I love this series and finding new inspiration through pinterest. I do not pin much, but I do have a tumblr filled with images and perhaps you would like to take a visit ;)

    • Anna, your Tumblr is lovely, I have been before, I like that you credit photographers, you would be a huge hit on Pinterest, you have a good eye;)

  2. oh my goodness, i *love* her style – great pick, tristan! meg has such a gorgeous soft touch, she spins what she touches to gold. :) i’ve been following meg’s pins for a few months now, and it’s hard to not re-pin *everything* she posts! xx

    • Jill– i.know!!! She’s also beautiful both inside + out. I don’t know if it’s fair to be that beautiful, that gracious AND that talented. I would love to learn how to capture the light she does in your images, it’s always so perfect and I feel like her pins reflect how she captures lights.

  3. Hello. I love that you encourage friends and colleagues and ALL to be creative and DO creative things. Love that about this blog. I love inspiration. I was inspired to write in the middle of the night (when I should have been sleeping) so I am tired and behind this morning but it makes it worthwhile that now I get to share it with you. Its a few thoughts on trying to find QUIET in this loud world of ours:
    thanks so for letting me share it with you! I love your visits over to my blog land and I so adore your creativity here!

    • Rebecca, THANK YOU!!!! That is a wonderful compliment, I DO want to encourage people to be creative, to be social, to learn new things and to share their experiences. Everyone is creative–everyone! I love your post, keep writing by the end of the year you can put together a beautiful Blurb book with your prose + photos which would be a wonderful keepsake for both you and your children (when they are older). Lovely.

  4. Meg is a dear friend and her style and aesthetic is just beautiful! Thank you for featuring her!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your Pinterst Curator posts Tristan! What a great idea, and a wonderful gift to your readers. Like your other readers, I appreciate your desire to inspire our creative side.
    I don’t have a blog so I use Pinterest for MY creative outlet. Here is the link to my boards. I would love to be considered as one of your Pinterest Curators.
    Once again, thank you for always sharing such wonderful ideas with us!

  6. Thanks for sharing Meg’s boards with us – I’m really loving her style! I’m always looking for new boards to follow, so this is a great idea for a column!
    I’d love to be considered as a feature in a future Pinterest curator post.

    Thanks Tristan!

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