Yesterday or was it the day before?  The days are all blending together, anyways, I watched as fashionista Andrea tweeted the launch of the ‘legendary’ partnership of Neiman Marcus + Target. She tweeted photos of the long, long lines that wrapped for what seemed like miles. She tweeted women in victory poses with the last Judith Leiber clutches in their uhm, clutches. She tried on cute sweatshirts and sequin tops and gave the play-by-play on fit.  It was all very exciting, like shopping with a bestie but not having to leave your home.  Today I did leave my home, to go to where else? Target.  Not, for the partnership, my brain is currently sieve like and not retaining much, so I forgot about it way before I arrived.  I had to go for the very exciting chore of buying laundry detergent–my life here is endlessly exciting.  Target is also my closest supermarket and even though it’s nearly 20 miles round trip I had to go.  When I got there I rounded the corner and was standing in front of the display of NM goodies.  Can I tell you something?  No one had touched it!  It sat there pristine as I watched women and girls wearing tights instead of pants (for shame) walk by the display not even curious. Not even a side long glance, nada. It didn’t look like my Target received everything that was available (there were no Oscar De La Renta dog bowls), but it had a lot. I am thinking of starting a side business of buying and re-selling the items, just kidding, kinda.  I feel so bad for the merchandise but secretly can’t wait for no one to buy anything so it goes on sale and I can buy that cute blazer and the tray.  Have you seen the partnership in person?  What do you think?  It may be a little spendy for the average Target client, but for those that are familiar with the designers featured it feels like they are giving the products away, truly.

On another note, I have been listening to a podcast on my drives to Target (I go a few times a week or else I wouldn’t see anyone other than my husband, it’s nice to be around people). The podcast is different than what I usually listen to, the host is very stiff + robotic (no disrespect), but if you can get past that it’s not a bad listen while doing errands.  It’s called Skeptoid and the host debunks myths (I suppose like Mythbusters, but I have never seen that show, so maybe I am all wrong). I have listened to the episodes on the Flat Earth Society, anyone that believes this is endlessly fascinating to me, because it ‘s surreal. The Betz Mystery, which I felt the host loosened up on a tad, I almost thought the argument was going to be for alien artifact, but he swooped in and set the record straight, phew.  I also listened to the one on the Bermuda Triangle and how it got started which I had no idea was such a relatively recent myth.  Again, the host isn’t much on personality (no hyperbole from this guy), but I believe he’s completely into his debunking (he’s available for live debunking events if you have the desire + means).  If I did have the means I would totally hire him to be the entertainment at my event, why not?  What it didn’t rate on the scintillating scale it would more than make up for in originality.  Alas, I have no events to go to at the moment nor have any intention of throwing one, but if you do hire him, please invite me.

7 thoughts on “NEIMAN MARCUS + TARGET

  1. This made me laugh – especially because I just paid triple for some out-of-stock Toddler Boys Transformers pajamas on eBay that originally came from Target!

  2. Susan, well, you know if they are sold out in your area, here in the country I can pick stuff up for you since nobody is touching it, lol! BTW the Marchesa dresses are SO cute for little girls–DYING!

    Chiara I can’t believe that, but makes me think that my business scheme could work, lol!

  3. I was the first one in the door on Saturday morning when my Target opened. There was no rush…just 3 of us looking at the collection. I do think the products were of better quality than some of the latest collaborations. I didn’t feel the need to buy a $30 dog bowl or $25 thermos. I did by two of the Marc Jacob clutches for my daughters.

    I too am waiting for the items to go on sale. They are not moving at my store here in Michigan.

  4. Our Target in Westwood was nearly untouched as well! I was sure it would be a madhouse (I only went because I needed some hair ties and it was on my walking path) but there were maybe three people poking around in that section. Weird.

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