The tiny hand-printed gold heart stationery is one of our best sellers hands down, people like tiny, me probably more than most. Handling a stamp that diminutive in size is difficult at best, I like to make things easy for our clients.  I tried multiple variations of heart sizes before I settled on this big heart.  It has a nice weight to it and when you stamp has an almost wood type/silk screen effect to it.  You can dress it up or down and each time it will give you a beautiful impression.  I found it didn’t want to print as opaque as I would have liked on the muslin bags, but on paper it is sublime. I have had it for a few months now using it for the shipping boxes and such and it has handled like the champ that it is. I am not sure if I am going to keep it in the line or keep it for myself, only time will tell.  If you would like yours you can grab it while it’s still in the shop– get your big heart hand  stamp here.
P.S. And yes indeed, this is our tiny heart enlarged!

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