When I found out that this was the year of the bunny, I KNEW this would be my year.  How could it not?  I am after all one of the foremost authority’s on cute animals (see above photo). I started my Monday morning series of cute animals on my previous Blahg because Monday’s had become my most dreaded day (it was only rivaled by Sunday’s) and I needed a little glimmer of happiness on the first day of the work week.  
I had a job that I truly enjoyed but my boss was uh, well, uh? Hmmm?  How do I word this nicely?  I had closed down both my boutique PR/Branding firm and Stationery company to come work for said boss.  With promises of golden paved streets, fortunes falling from the sky and everything bathed in a rosy glow of perfection, I was ready for my new adventure.  Well, things didn’t exactly transpire as promised.  I spent many Monday’s blue and the rest of the week wishing for Friday.  Not the happiest time in my long life.  You see, the problem was not just finding another job, I needed another career.  I no longer had the passion to promote fashion and working in the luxury interior design industry was just not for me. I was starting to feel a little hollow inside. I wanted to find a job that incorporated my skill set but also included baby animals.  Guess what?  I FOUND that job! I am beside myself with joy. This is a story that if you are resourceful you CAN find a dream job.  I wrote about how it may have been too late for me to go back to school and become a renown zoologist/vet/anthropologist but it was not too late to try to work with animals in another capacity.  I needed to start thinking outside the box.  I did just that and started sending my resume to places that worked with animals but needed someone with my unique background in PR + Branding.  I truly believe that most every company could use a top notch brander so I came to my prospects with that in mind rather than the mindset that these types of companies probably would never utilize someone like me. It worked, I start next week! I couldn’t be happier and nothing topped the reaction from my current boss (he had a fake heart attack). Today I am IN LOVE with Monday’s and hopefully it stays like this for a very long time.

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  1. Congrats! I remember a couple stories from the Blahg about your old boss, and wow, I bet you’re walking on clouds right now! And as someone who’s currently trying to find her own new direction in life, professionally, I’m inspired by your success.

  2. I love to hear stories like this! It gives me so much hope for myself… I’m leaving my job in June to move to New York and need all the motivation I can get. Congrats to you!

  3. THANK YOU! Thank you all for encouraging me and not letting me run into oncoming traffic. I have ached to say these words for way too long and it feels like a dream to be able to say that I put in my resignation. It was as blissful as getting a great new career. My advice is DON’T give up! It took me nearly THREE YEARS and I never gave up (even though I wanted to so many times. And feel free to ask me any questions to those sitting on the fence or at a crossroads, I truly understand and hopefully can be of some assistance:)

  4. Congratulations. Not surprised at all – i have no doubt you can do what you set your mind to. But its always nice to hear the happy ending too.

    So come on – spill it. Whats the job?

  5. congratulations! there’s nothing like being stuck in a position somewhere that just isn’t for you and you dread each day (been there, very recently). you need to take care of you. CONGRATS on finding a new step that will help you get back to you- i’m still working on it, but i have hope, and your good fortune reaffirms my hope :)

  6. I am so thrilled for you! a combination of skills and enthusiasms uniquely yours are what is needed to create a new job!

    After years of corporate video we now have a lot of non-profit clients too, and it is so satisfying to make films for WildCare for instance. Lot’s of beautiful animals, and an irreproachable ethic.

  7. What baby animals? This is just beyond fantastic. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you that you can probably hear me squealing with glee all the way in California!

    Now when I can I expect the first shipment of babies on my door step? I mean, that is why you took the job, right?

  8. Wait, that was supposed to say, “What? Baby animals?”. Not “What baby animals?”. Because who cares what kind of baby animals. Babies are babies and they are all adorable and you get to work with them! The excitement was a little overwhelming for a minute!

  9. I am glad there is one less disgruntled worker in the world, and super glad it’s you! It was high time you high-tailed it outta there :)

    So did you wait for advertised vacancies, or just cold-call approach places you wanted to work?

  10. Dear Miss B, I’ve never forgotten the blogs of abuse from your old boss. You made a very grey dreary day much brighter with your very great news!!! I am ecstatic for you and it gives me hope that my hubs will find a way out of boringville job, USA. Enjoy your new career my dear, you deserve all good things!!!

  11. Yea! Thank you all! Kate you wanted to know if I waited or cold called. I cold called. I made a LONG list of companies to outreach to, it didn’t matter if they were even in my city or state. I called and got the HR/hiring managers info, or the owner’s name and sent in my resume to their attention. I also created a kick butt letter for each company so it wasn’t a form letter. I let them know I wouldn’t waste their time if they met with me;)

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! Inspiration every day from you, and now in another form….getting my dream job too!

    Also, otters holding hands? I died.

  13. Congratulations! That is such exciting news! I’m always so thrilled for my fellow bloggers when they find their dream jobs! It’s going to be a fantastic year for you!

  14. So cute it hurts…….. ;)

    Wow, that is amazing congratulations!! I too was a slave to the PR fashion thing. Soul sucking…….yes. Glad you found your dream job!!!!


  15. GASP!!! Congrats … I’m so happy for you! I’m also a little giddy thinking about your evil boss having to function without you. *snicker*

  16. I am finally just seeing this now. Congratulations!! I had no doubt that it would happen eventually, but it’s nice that the time has finally arrived. I hope it’s the beginning of something grand!

  17. Oh my goodness this warms my heart to read this! I am so happy for you, and although I don’t know you I know that you are so talented and deserve to happy at your job. I remember the post about being sent home for your skirt being “too short”, and my heart just broke for you. Congratulations!!!

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