I wanted to get these images up before I inundate you with the photo’s from the road trip, because I am going to be a big show-off for sure.  I never go anywhere anymore so a trip away from home has become an event of epic proportions. One day, I just may get all Mrs. Limestone on you (so envious! Truly one of my fave armchair travel + reno addictions) but for now you will have to settle on images from cities within my state, lucky for me I live in the Golden state, so there is much exploring to be had.
I have had quite a few emails about my failed MMXI PROJECT (wherein I was to edit a photo a day for all of 2011).  Well, I had some bumps in my road, mainly quitting of an old job, starting a new one, getting canned from said new job, then making the huge decision to go back to being a freelancer, thus throwing caution and a false sense of security into the wind.  That’s a lot to digest whilst trying to edit my poorly shot images on a regular basis.  I do want to continue doing an on-going photo project but maybe it won’t be as ambitious?  Or perhaps I will start up in June and have a fresh mid-year start? As you can see, decision making is not my strong suit. 


  1. I’m going to take a guess that the first photo is in Griffith observatory. I went there some weeks ago and haven’t even started to post my pics from that trip–that’s how life is, we make plans but life just has it’s own idea. Good luck with everything =)

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