MRS FRENCH CURATORI haven’t done one of these in over a month!  I didn’t remember how long they take, it’s so easy to fall into an inspiration abyss.  I wanted to introduce you to my Pinterest Curator of the week Mrs. French. I am well aware that 3,484,898 already follow her. I don’t know if she is the most followed person on Pinterest, but it seems that she must be way up there.  There’s a reason for this, she is a prolific pinner, honestly every time I go to Pinterest she has pinned a whole bevy of new greatness, it’s non-stop.  Mrs. French has a little experience in curation, as she rose to internet ‘fame’ as the woman that single handedly made Monday’s more desirable with her ‘I heart Monday’s’ series.  This is where she honed  (unbeknownst to her) future superior pinning skills.  I love her Handsome board and PrettyPrettyPretty, but you can’t go wrong with her Photography Board (Mrs. French is a talented photographer) and for fun her Street Style board has a lot of great eye candy. You can see what all the fuss is about here and be 3,484, 899!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She loves (like wants to marry) Photoshop and also enjoys taking a photo or two. She recently moved from the city to the country with her husband and two pups.


  1. Oh, I’ve been a huge fan of Mrs. French for years! I discovered her blog about three years ago, and avidly re-pin her amazing finds on Pinterest. I love her aesthetic.

  2. I have yet to really delve into her blog but I’ve definitely been a fan of her stuff. Her pinterest is new to me though. With her 21,000+ pins I’m definitely set for procrastination material for awhile now!

    1. Katie, to be honest I only look at her Pinterest now, her blog basically was a Pinboard of inspiration and so I think that’s why she has eclipsed the world with her pinning prowess, lol. She has a really great eye and always seems to find things before everyone else does, she’s got great pin mojo!

  3. I just love these posts so so very much. The layout just sucks me in every time and Mrs. French’s picks are perfect, as always. Beautiful!

  4. Oh Tristan! I am blushing! I cannot believe I had not seen it until now….so, so honored to be appreciated by one of my very favorites! xoxo! t

    1. Ah, so well deserved! I knew that pinning would be your forte, it’s a perfect medium for you and your great taste!

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