This is my submission for week two of the Souvenir Foto School:: Food + Foto challenge. My goal for this session is to create consistency in my images as I tend to be all over the place.  I have found in my search for consistency I may have created boring + predictable instead–ouch.

I started off the class with yogurt and now I am on to granola bars.  I am focusing on the most important meal of the day–breakfast (or it may turn into an exploration of food with bits of red). This granola bar recipe was adapted from my beloved Barefoot Contessa’s arsenal.  I am not a huge shredded coconut fan so I opted out of that ingredient. For the nuts I chose a half and half ratio of sliced almonds and chopped pecans, the fruit I used was dried cranberries because I liked both the color and tartness it lends the bars.  I do find these bars a tad on the sweet side, the Fancy disagrees but he has a sweet tooth so he’s not a good sweet testing barometer.  I tried to lower the honey + sugar level once prior and ended up burning the bars, I am sure it had nothing to do with the honey or sugar but now I am gun shy to improvise on this recipe. I am good like that.

9 thoughts on “SOUVENIR FOTO SCHOOL:: FOOD + FOTO:: NO.02

  1. Hiya Miss B :) I was never a big coconut fan until someone hooked me up with organic unsweetened shaved coconut. Its fabulous, not too sweet and not too chewy. You might want to give it a try. I think your photos are always fabulous and quite the inspiration to me!

  2. I CANNOT believe that I forgot this was starting. I was so excited when I heard about it because I cook constantly. I’m a loser!

    This pic is anything but boring. I think it’s beautiful and yummy. I kind of want to eat it.

  3. Not boring OR predictable, my dear! I think that may be why you may have trouble finding a “style”. If you think just these two images are being boring, then maybe you need a mind change! I love your clean, crisp images. Lots of bright white and bursts of color. You have a style. You just need to accept it!

  4. Thanks ladies for the vote of confidence and Kim you are the 2nd person that recommended that so I am going to try. Toi any ideas how to cut down the sugar in recipes without ruining it? Maybe it’s just granola bars that you can’t do that with.

  5. Hey, I’m a fan of white and red myself! Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your bowl of yogurt idea. If it’s any consolation I feel like you did it much better.

  6. Oh Miss B, I’m not the person to ask about cutting down on sugar! I LOVE to bake and the more sugar and butter in the recipe the happier I am. I’m terrible! The only way I know to cut down on anything is to bring what you bake to your co-workers and force them to eat it instead of me.

  7. I’d cut down or cut out the brown sugar and leave the honey as is. The liquid helps prevent burning. The only draw back to that is you may not get as sticky of bars since the brown sugar was caramelizing.

    If you have a sticky problem, try tossing in an egg. I’d use a room temperature egg that was well beaten and added to the mixture just after the hot honey mixture was. If I was feeling particularly spunky, I’d add it to the hot liquid while beating quickly. The concern there is that you’d end up with scrambled eggs.

    They look fabulous and delicious! I wish you were my neighbor!

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