I wanted to put together a grouping of images for my studio flat that had a natural history type feel to them.  I plan to make some botanical etchings on tissue of specimens from my garden but that takes time, (you need to press your botanicals before you begin) and well, I am into instant gratification (I blame both the internet + my parents).  I found these pheasant feathers for millinery projects at my local fabric store, they were too beautiful not to pass up and they work perfectly for what I was envisioning.


  1. Are you going to hang the images (which are beautiful) or the feathers themselves? Either way, it will be gorgeous. I’m going for a natural history look in my house, too. (Of course–we are twins.) I want those images to hang on my gallery wall!

  2. Thank you Miss Jules! I am going to hang the photo’s (I am usually very bad about printing my images). I thought I would make a series of odd finds from my walks in small groupings to create my own amateur naturalist collection. I figured it would help two fold–1. make me be more consistent with my photographs and 2. be some much needed artwork for my currently blank walls. I would be honored to print these for you:)

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