STEVE JOBS 1955-2011



  1. Wise words from a wise man. I chocked up a bit when I read the news a few hours ago.

  2. i think luminary is one of my favorite words, and it’s long been my goal to be one. even to just one person. i think we are all lucky to have our way lit by one such as steve jobs, and i think, as it should be, our whole world is brighter for having had him in it.

  3. This is the perfect way to express this… thank you.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Perfectly simple
    Simply perfect

  5. Absolutely perfect tribute to a brilliant soul. His light will be sorely missed but I’m grateful we all had the gift of his incredible mind and spirit for however briefly. The industry and the world has lost a great, gifted and amazingly creative leader. Thank you for sharing his words!

  6. Inventor, business man, american icon. He will be greatly missed in the design world!


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