The Grand Giveaway!

The grand giveaway via besotted blog

Well, well, what do we have here?  Well, it looks like we have some unclaimed prizes and this time we are choosing ONE new winner! We thought it’d be fun to add in another Foto Rx prize (the first one was claimed pronto, thank you very much!) So, what will this grand prize be?  The Grand Prize is:

1-Foto Rx action pack of your choice-Vitamin L25 paper to pixel, Foto Rx First Aid Kit, Shopkeeper’s Helper

1-Sofia Kaman 14k gold and diamond Arrow Ring

1-Hester & Cook pencil set of Chalkboard pencils, colored pencils and chalkboard notepad

1-Premium font | Saissant by Magpie Paperwork

All you need to do to enter to win is answer the fun question below. For additional entry opportunities you can Pin this image or regram on Instagram with the hashtag #thegrand. You have one week to enter, we will announce the winner on Thursday, February 18, 2016.

If you could go on a road trip with any person (dead or alive) who would it be and where would you go?

Michelle said that she would choose someone that was good at carpool karoke, like Adele.

Good luck!

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

66 thoughts on “The Grand Giveaway!

  1. I’d take a road trip across the United States with my Grandpop. He has the best stories and makes me laugh so much. I’d love to have the memories.

  2. This is a great giveaway! I missed that last, but I’m crossing my fingers here :)
    SO this answer may not be very original but true none the less… I would love to go on a road trip with my three sisters who all live in different areas and we dont get to see each other often, they also are pretty good at karaoke! I think I’d love to drive around Italy – whatever that looks like, ha!

  3. I would take my husband on a road trip through Europe. We would start in Germany then end in Italy. We’ve even talked about riding motorcycles through the beautiful winding roads there. Someday!

  4. I’m an American expat. I lived in Turkey for three years and moved to Korea last July. My heart is missing Turkey so very much. I’d love to travel there with my husband and our 5 favorite travel buddies we had while we lived there. How I miss the water (Black Sea, Aegean, Mediterranean), the diverse land, the roses, the call to prayer waking me up, the fresh produce and daily bread… everything! All of the sights and smells and sounds. Turkiyem seviyorum!

  5. Lovely question. I would go with my hubby and son around France…one can dream…road trips are the best with the people you love. So much time for enjoying each other’s company and having good “talking time.”

  6. I’d love to go on a road trip with my late grandmother…through her native France. Going to places and seeing what she saw as a young girl in the early 1920’s. How wonderful that would be! Thank you Tristan for another opportunity to participate in the very generous giveaway…I shall keep everything crossed! x

  7. I can’t imagine anyone I’d more enjoy going on a road trip with than my husband. And, we’d tour the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

  8. I’d love to go with my granddad from Texas to California and then north visiting the places he has lived and traveled growing up and listening to all his stories.

  9. What an amazing giveaway. Hopefully I’m second time lucky. :) Rather than go on a road trip with a particular person, I would loved to have gone on a road trip in the 1950’s. Incredible cars and those beautiful clothes, don’t forget all the glamour back then either…

  10. I would gather up my best friends from high school, kick it across the Atlantic, and explore the mountains of Austria. Maybe take a jog up to dear green Ireland. But truly — I would travel anywhere with those beauties.

  11. I’d go on a road trip with my Dad and my baby boy 5 years in the future so my son is old enough to remember the trip with his Grandfather……

  12. I’d go with Walt Disney to all of the Disney related spots in Ca, from the Family Museum in SF to the studios and Disneyland.

  13. I would go on a very looooong trip with Tina Roth Eisenberg. I would choose a coast-to-coast trip so as to have time to talk about anything and everything about creativity.
    I am always amazed of how some people find so easily to be creative.

  14. I’d pick Harry Truman. A seemingly odd choice until you read Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure – the true story of a road trip he and his wife took. It was an endearing read and I was certainly a Truman fan by the end of it.

  15. Hands down Camille Pissarro. I would LOVE to travel through France and see it through the eyes of the father of the impressionist movement. He provided a home for many of the impressionist artists when they were having hard times financially and had the pleasure of painting the same view with many of them. He fueled my love for France it would be an amazing conversation.

  16. This summer we celebrated our five year anniversary with a two week, 6500 mile road trip. It was grand. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Or maybe with a new destination! Cheers to the open road.

  17. This summer we celebrated our five year anniversary with a two week, 6500 mile road trip. It was grand. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Or maybe with a new destination! Cheers to the open road.

  18. Boyfriend – we road trip so well together. There’s a lot of places internationally that I’d love to explore, but maybe not via driving :/ I’d love to see the national parks in Utah, camping & hiking along the way :)

  19. I would take my grandsons on a cross country tour of the national parks. We would listen to all my favorite classic rock and roll music in the car during the days and read all their favorite books around the campfire at night. We would all learn from each other and have a wonderful time!

  20. I think it would be fun to travel through France with Coco Chanel. To experience Paris through the eyes of a woman who was ahead of her time, changed the way woman portrayed and dressed themselves, knew the French for who they really were, and really wasn’t afraid to be true to herself in a time where most just conformed.

  21. I think it would be fun to travel through France with Coco Chanel. To experience Paris through the eyes of a woman who was ahead of her time, changed the way woman portrayed and dressed themselves, knew the French for who they really were, and really wasn’t afraid to be true to herself in a time where most just conformed.

  22. I would go crosscountry with my daughter…in a few years. Right now she’s 15 months old so probably not the best car companion. Alternatively, I’ll take Ruth Bader Ginsburg right now. She’s been my girl crush for as long as I can remember and I have a feeling she has some wonderful stories…

  23. I would have to say my husband. He’s my best friend and favorite person in the entire world. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s oh so true. We would definitely road trip up the California coast to Washington and Oregon, and maybe even Vancouver!

  24. I would take my best friend and drive from coast to coast. We’d be blasting the music singing off key, getting lost, and making crazy memories together. It would be the trip of a lifetime :)

  25. Hmm…. I would go with John Muir! I have never been out west, and I love his writings and his view of the world. We would see the greatness of the earth. The Sierra’s and the grand canon, and yellow stone! Just wondering around in beauty.

  26. Thank you for this opportunity! Of course my first thought would be “my husband!” as we love road trips all around the world. But that would be,just too obvious… If I coulc choose someone who’s not alive anymore, I’d take a road trip in Alaska with the one and only Bob Ross, to go see the beautiful sceneries he painted over and over :)

  27. I would take a road trip across the country to somewhere in the desert with my little sister! :) We both had very sheltered childhoods and are just getting to the part of our lives (early 20’s) where we have all of this freedom with how we spend our time, and it would be awesome to get to really enjoy that with someone who would appreciate that sense of freedom and spontaneity as much as I would.

  28. I’d definitely take my grand father who I miss so much. An exceptionnal good photographer and polyglotte, doesn’t matter where to go, there whould allways be some beauty to discover.
    The time to type this answer, I’ve become a bit nostalgic…thanks for the occasion to look back to precious memories.

  29. I would want to go on a road trip with my grandma. We would be in Canada and would go to all the spots that were sentimental to her during her life. We would visit old homes that the family lived in, her school, the cottage, favorite parks, etc. I want to see all her favorite spots in life and hear the stories that go along with each location.

  30. I’d go on a road trip with my soon-to-be fiancé who is a jokester and is the most fun outdoor-loving person and amazing singer. We live in sunny Southern California, so an ideal trip would be from California all the way up north to Canada to be surrounded in nature. I love seeing endless trees and he loves snow.

  31. My boyfriend, throughout France. I’ve been twice, and want to experience the country with him – plus it’s always been a dream to roadtrip around France. Maybe throw Germany in there too ;)

  32. I’d road trip Cairo to Cape Town with my Great-Grandfather, who did this trip in the early 20th century. I feel like it would just be the best clash of time and place.

  33. My husband worked and travelled around the US in his early 20s and I would love to take our son on a road trip to show him all the places his dad lived and worked during his time there.

  34. My husband and I would go west. Lots to see and experience. Would love to spend time seeing and photographing the Pacific Ocean, the lavender fields in Oregon and experience Napa Valley.

  35. I love this question! I’d go with my twin sister. We live on opposite sides of the planet and could definitely use the quality time! And we’d drive around Europe – which would be hilarious because neither of us can navigate, even in our hometown. :)

  36. Beyonce because I am a big queen b I’m just in awe of her Superbowl halftime performance. We would go to her home town and eat red lobster since I can’t get that song out of my head.

  37. Like a few others, I dream of doing a cross country road trip with my Dad. It’s something we always planned to do but never got around to before he lost his battle to cancer. He was a long distance truck driver in his single days and loved nothing more than the open road with the stereo blasting. His memory is with me on every road trip I take!

  38. The Pan-American Highway! With a copilot who likes to drive, loves to talk (and talk and talk), has excellent taste in music, and can be counted on to keep us caffeinated: Lorelai Gilmore.

  39. I would take my two sisters across the U.S. to visit all of the National Parks, camping like we did on family vacations as kids. The Grand Canyon would be especially fun for us since one year when we were young, we took a family trip there, but none of us have ever seen it. We stood right on the edge, but there was a blizzard with zero visibility!

  40. I’d love to go with my husband because he’s my partner in crime and best friend.

    However, if I could cheat and take another person (or two), it’d definitely be my mom and dad. They moved to the U.S. almost 40 years ago, and they never went on a real vacation because they were so busy making a living for us. One of my dreams is to take them somewhere neat this year. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, but even more so, thanks for this question + reminding me to be thankful. :)

  41. I would love to take a road trip in a camper van around Iceland’s ring road. The stark beauty of the volcanic landscape, along with their waterfalls’ overwhelming power, has always totally intrigued me. And as cliche as it might sound, I would love to take my husband with me – I never have as much fun as I do with him. :)

  42. I love road tripping with my husband and we have had a few epic trips together. One of the best was driving and getting lost around China.

  43. I would road trip around Australia with my friend who lives there. We met while traveling, so I already know we travel well together and would agree to pull over for all photo opp’s.

  44. I’m in a band with my husband, and we’ve driven all across this country playing shows east to west… north to south. My dream would be to take this show to Europe and sing for our suppers!

  45. As much as I love my husband I think I would go on a road trip with C.S. Lewis throughout his homeland of Ireland and maybe we could take a detour to Oxford for a tour : )

  46. I’d go with my husband. It’s cheesy, but I love spending time with him. We have long talked about talking what we call our crazy heritage trips. Huge roadtrips trekking throughout Europe to see the many, many countries our ancestors were from. We’d eat tons of food, go to concerts, and of course check out wineries and breweries.

  47. while I know that it is kinda cheating. I would love to do a train “road trip” leaving from Toronto and riding it until the very end of the line out west in B.C. Taking the time to enjoy getting off the train for a few days and explore and then hopping back on. Oh and I would do it as a double date my hubby and my best friend with her hubby.

  48. My late father. His curiosity was unquenchable. His kindness and acommodation for others’ comfort and interest were
    foremost. He wanted to go places with me but I was too tied down with children and husband. Now I would go at a heartbeat. No matter where I go, he goes with me in my heart and mind!

  49. Hands down I’d take my best friend and relive our road trip days from when we were 21. So free, singing at the top of our lungs and and busting out the car dance moves. Too bad (but thankfully) those days were video wasn’t an option on our old nokia phones.

  50. Hands down, Bill Bryson through any part of England, gathering fodder for his next book. Can’t imagine a road trip companion who’d bring a more awesome blend of history, dry wit, and the ability to see the fun and irony in every situation! PS – Of course I’d make a little video documenting our road trip and American/English collaboration, titled “Half and Half”…and the second “half” *has* to be said in a British accent.

  51. This might sound cliche, but I’d go with my grandmother. She passed away about 6 years ago. She was an avid traveler, traveling (alone!) into her early 90’s. Around the country, abroad – you name it she wanted to go, or had already been there. We always talked about traveling together, but it never quite happened. I was a selfish young college student who thought that the people I love would never die. I miss her so much still every day. I’ve heard so many stories from my dad since she’s been gone; some that have really surprised me, and some that fit perfectly the woman I knew and loved. But all support what I have always known – that she was a fierce, pioneering, independent woman who loved her family dearly. I’d give anything for more time to hear her stories, and to tell her all of my own.

  52. I’m going to pick my boyfriend for a months-long trip exploring Italy together. Wait, this is fantasy… I mean a year-long trip exploring Italy. Why not? :)

  53. I would love to go on a road trip with my dad. He’s always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail, and I’d love to hike some of it and then go on a road trip home to Georgia.

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