I have finally taken almost all of my maniacal sketches I created these past couple months and turned them into artwork for some new custom stationery stamps for the shop.  I am really excited to show you how you can incorporate these into your wedding, personal / family stationery or general gift giving. I never ever put anything in the shop without making an actual live sample prior, I am all about quality control and I like to be confident that my designs can translate well and make a proper impression. The thing is, I have about 8 billion stamps with my and my husbands names or initials emblazoned on them; I need to branch out–that is where you come in!  This is but a small sampling of some of the new designs I have to make samples for so I am going to need to find a lot of names, dates, friends/family names, etc. There is a catch, (tiny one mind you), if you win I am going to need to test and photograph your stamp prior to it’s arrival to you, so if you are getting married this weekend and need to win your custom stamp like yesterday, it’s not going to happen. That being said if you get married this weekend (congrats!) you can still use these on your thank you stationery. If you have been married for 20 years or know someone that has, this makes a mighty sweet gift.  Heck, you can adjust this to be for you and only you the possibilities are endless!

To enter to win:

  •  In the comments leave your name/names and dates you would like on your stamp
  • Tell me how you’d like to use the stamp -OR- be willing to photograph your stamp in a project.
  • I’m not asking you to BUT if you were so inclined feel free to Tweet, Pin and/or Facebook this giveaway (sharing is caring).

That’s it! Easy peasy I need to get these samples going so start spreading the word so I can have lots & lots of names to choose from! I will contact winners everyday until contest close on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. And of course this contest is open WORLD wide, good luck!


  1. What a great way to involve your readers and get many different samples!

    I’d love to make some personalized stationary for thank you’s for all the friends and family that have supported me during my graduate program… I’d be happy to take some pictures of a stamp in use!

    I love love love the Anchor stamp, since it’s just for me, myself, and I… I’d probably like a stamp to say ‘From the desk of Adrianna M. Butler”Riverside, CA’ or my initials… how fun!

  2. I’m all about monograms right now – they never go out of style. If I won, I’d probably keep it simple and go with just a simple “B” – that way, I can use them on everything and anything!

    And I’m totally willing to photograph the stamp in use! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I’ve always loved your stamps. I’d love to have one wth my blog name on it: Mulish & Co., est. 2011. I’d like to make a series of notecards with photos and quotes from my blog and on the address side I’d use the stamp.

    It looks like you are enjoying your move to NC, btw. I’m happy for you. I’ve always wanted to move to Asheville myself. Someday, someday.

  4. Oh, exciting! Yes, please. WE are Dan and Summer and our anniversary date is 17 May 2003. Next year is 10 years, wow! Anyway, I think I’d stamp it on the back of envelopes where I write our return address, or on your flat note cards that I put with gifts, or wouldn’t it be great stamped right on gift boxes or craft paper gift wrap? hum… Great that you are back in business, so to speak. I need to order some more of those great flat cards! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. these are super cute!

    I’d want one that said “Lauren D. est. 1981”

    I’d use it for all my personal stationery. I can see it now, light inks stamped on kraft paper – sooooooo pretty.

    I’m so used to signing everything with my blog name (laurendy) that it will be a nice change just to use Lauren D. again.

    Oh, and of course I would photograph it for you!

  6. I love finishing off my handwritten notes (or creating my own stationery) with a custom stamp. Your stamps are great and I can’t wait to see what comes of your product testing.

    I would be happy to photograph the stamp in use.

    Names/Dates: Deidre, 10/15/85; or Dave & Deidre, 2009
    Location: Long Island, NY

  7. HURRAY!!

    I love love LOVE your stamps.

    And if I could do another business stamp, that would be AMAZING. Or having a stamp to use for personal would be peachy keen too!

    Of COURSE you may photograph it. Since you can bet if I get one, I’ll be photographing the heck out of it too! <3!

  8. I am going to be selfish and ask for one just for me :). I have a really unusual name, so anything with my name on it has to be custom. I’d love love love to win a stamp with ‘EurJean’ on it.

    I’d be happy to photograph the stamp and stamp in use. I’m also in no hurry!

    Lovely stamps! Hope you’re settling into your new home :)

  9. I’m also going to be selfish & leave my husband out because I send lots of personal mail that doesn’t involve him ;)
    I would like it to be a capital D. Simple & all me. And of course I would send pics. Thx! These are gorgeous!

  10. this is such an amazing way to let us be a part of your process!

    I am getting married in August, so I will have hundreds of thank you notes to send out this fall. Hundreds, I tell you. I am an epic procrastinator, so perhaps having a pretty stamp would help me along. :)

    I really love the anchor stamp, or the simple circle (who am I kidding? I like them all!)

    The Rosenbergs
    EST. 2012
    Seattle, WA

    P.S. I’d be happy to photograph the stamps in action. All my wedding suite uses your digital wreath stamps! :)

  11. These are great! I’m secretly obsessed with ampersands and you’ve chosen some great ones!
    I love the top stamp, our initials would be N & W (Nate & Whitney). I also love the one below it with the names spelled out – it would be great for our last name, too (The Hutchisons).
    Thanks for your consideration!

  12. Love this! My fiance and I are getting married next June — a stamp with “Jason & Donna” with our wedding date, 6.29.2013, would be awesome for our favors and thank you cards!

  13. i’m in! love this. i’m willing to photograph the stamp in use for sure. i’d be honored.

    love the simple (postmark looking stamp) circle with the date in the middle:

    matthew & torrie
    may 30 2010
    Los Angeles, CA

    OR, even the “FRANK&AVA” stamp:

    matthew & torrie

    thanks so much for the opportunity! could this be my first win?? :) it’d be useful forever…!

  14. Wow… this is simple! A stamp that says: Moose (maybe with a huge paw print). Mom wants me to have my very own stamp since I am the Creative Director for CabinPress Studio.
    Remember us from class???!!!
    Tail wags,
    PS…Retrievers are easy going…no rush + Mom will send photos of course.

  15. Love all the designs! A monogrammed stamp would be perfect for our wedding thank you cards and christmas cards!

    Our initials are K and N (for Katrina and Nick Brighton)!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh, this is wonderful! I love them all. I would use the stamp either to make personalized notecards or as a return address. My husband and I are Phil & Kelli Oglesby and our anniversary is June 1, 2009. You may use the information for any stamp you wish and you are MORE than welcome to test stamp and photograph to your heart’s content! Thank you so much!

  17. I just got married in May and used your custom couples monogram stamp for the favors and it was perfect!! I would love a chance to win another!!

    Thomas & Katie

    May 26,2012 was our date

    Love them all!! Thank you!


  18. Oh!!! This would be a wonderful way to do my Thank You cards for the wedding! I’ve been trying to think of something fun and different. The stamp would be perfect on some pretty card stock. I’m more than happy to photograph my end product for you. I’ll even make the cards in advance so you don’t have to wait until fall to see the end product. And I’ll sing from the mountain tops where the pretty stamp came from.

    Here’s our details. Bryce and Toi Kuhn. October 27, 2012

  19. This is totally going to “awesomize” many projects for me. First, I’ll use it for my snail mail: I have an idea for the envelopes, the inner ones. I’ll use it to cancel out vintage stamps. And I’m speaking of the cool postmark stamp. I’ll also use it for giftwrap :)! The postmark stamp is perfect for me because I am writing lots of letters from meeting lovely blog friends online and I also love to collect postage.

    My stamp would include the name of my blog, the birthday of the start of my blog, and where I’m from.

    Merissa Cherie
    FEB 08 2008
    Honolulu, HI

    p.s., I’m totally willing to photograph your stamp(s) in my projects. xo

  20. how darling!!

    i would LOVE the anchor stamp with the top part to say “from the desk of” and the bottom to say “danielle muller”…preferably in lower case!

    thanks so much for the opportunity to win this darling stamp!!

    and YES…i would definitely photograph the stamp in action!

    danielle muller

  21. I’m a total beach bum, so I absolutely ADORE the anchor stamp. Since it’s just me, I’d love a “from the desk of M. Megan Garrett” and I love the idea of having a birth year as and est. date (mine’s 1986) if it’s just for you, or even if you were announcing for a birth – then the little one would have a custom stamp for birthdays, etc!

    I also love the one that looks like and old postage stamp (bottom right of your new design template. I think I’d want that one to say “M. Megan Garrett” “Est. 1986” and have my birthplace, “Saxapahaw, NC”

    You do such lovely work!

  22. Your stamps are amazing! I have the To/From stamp and use it all the time.

    My favorite stamp is the one that says “Porter,” but I would love a surprise. It would be fantastic for envelopes and stationary. I would be happy to take photos of my projects for you.

    My information: Chad and Stephanie Sprangers. Est. 2005 Appleton, WI

    Thank you for the opportunity

  23. I would love a stamp! The anchor one makes me ridiculously happy because anchors hold a special place in my heart, and I would really like a stamp with any variation of “Amelia Plummer” or “Brooklyn, NY” , including From, or From the Desk of…

    anyway your stamps are wonderful and I love using stamps when I’m making cards to give to my friends – or when it comes to wrapping presents! And I would love to photograph it in action!

  24. These are so beautiful! Horay for Pinterest, I am so glad I have discovered you . . . and just in the nick of time too!
    If I were to win my names and date would be:
    Belle + Beau
    Love your work x

  25. Love your beautiful stamps! I would LOVE to give one as a wedding gift to one of the two couples I know who are getting married this year.

    David and Nadia, 9.23.2012

    The Palmer Family, Est. 2012

    Thank you for the chance to get one of your samples…and to share your wonderfulness with others!

    Christin B.

  26. I would love to win. I would choose a k (Kathy) & d (Doug) for the simple initials stamp. I would love to see Bull, est. 1986, Champaign, IL. Yep, I have been married nearly 26 years to one fine man. It has been such fun to read about your adventures. Couldn’t be happier for you! And I would be happy to photograph the stamps should I be fortunate enough to win.

  27. I would love the Townsend & Maxine stamp that I could use when I bake goods.

    It would say:

    Top: From the kitchen of
    Middle: With love
    Bottom: B. Stephens

    Would be so great!

  28. Oh how lovely
    I love a good wooden stamp
    I would use mine on personal mailings and packaging.

    Thane & Barbara

    And yes I would be willing to photograph the stamp in a project

    My daughter would be absolutely thrilled to have one. She is turning 6 in August and sends cards and drawings to every person she can think of!

    Arabella Jean Boone

  29. Just discovered your blog! I hope I’m not too late. I love your stamps, especially your vintage custom Postmark Stamp. I would like one in that one, unless you are just using the new designs. I do like the P & H or the M M ones as well. I would like on the stamp Dogwood Designs Est. 2003 USA I would use it in my business. I would love to see it photographed.

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