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I am not sure if this is much of a bestowal for this Monday (I hope you are okay with it, fingers crossed). I have gotten many requests lately for custom lettering (so unbelievably flattering), but I am currently not confident enough in my skills yet to accept clients. As you can see from the above samples, my hand is all over the place, not much consistency to it. I thought it might be fun to offer two individuals the opportunity to have me create some lettering for them.  I can not do anything too long like an address, letter or quote but I can do up to three words.  I do love having words to practice. Your words can be anything–your initials, your name, the name of your business, a sentiment, etc. (just not more than three in row).  I will create the lettering, scan it, clean it up in Illustrator and then send you a hi-res file so you can use it how you please! To enter to win please answer the following question in the comments below and if you like you can leave your word(s) you would like me to letter along with your answer.

When was the last time you tried something new? And what was it?

This had me stumped, I asked my husband and he said, ‘I tried cow heart last week’.  I almost dropped dead. Seriously?  I think that is something I never needed to know about; his dirty little secret. Then I realized I did try out a new to me vintage camera last week (I bought it at the Salvation Army).  It’s a film camera and I don’t know if any of the images will turn out, but it was fun to research the manual, find the right kind of film and get my head wrapped around all the settings. I love to tinker so film photography allows me to do much in the way of tinkering.  I will announce the winner next Monday, March 4, 2013.  Good luck!

Find out who won last week’s Bestowal here.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.


  1. Oh this would be incredible, I’d love to have something written by you. I’ve been trying my hand at calligraphy lately and it is so tricky but so beautiful!
    I had some fried alligator in Florida, it was surprisingly tasty!

  2. It is quite a bestowal! You are so talented!
    I just tried a hot glue gun–shameless, {I know} that it took me until my mid-30’s to do it, but now I am addicted. Made little fascinators for my daughter’s one year Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.

  3. hi tristan,
    i just absolutely love your calligraphy and been a long time admirer of your blog!
    the newest thing i’ve probably been working on has been my own blog (, and i’ve really started to dabble in web design there – as well as finding a balance between the information that i could/should show and choosing the best photographs. very time consuming yet worth it; i definitely admire all the hard work of my favorite bloggers! i’m so glad you’re trying film, it’s such a rewarding experience.
    xoxo jessica

  4. mmmmmmm…..I am trying something new by actually entering in this lovely giveaway! I usually don’t enter these as I so never win. But I don’t think this counts. So today I am going out and about and will try something new. Somewhere, I will find it! Then I will report back. Have a lovely start to your work week! xo

  5. I ‘ve baked a banana and almonds bread last week-end but at the end i’ve been the only one to appreciate it (and so i probably gained some more pounds !!:-( ) I would adore to have the name of my blog/brand (i.e Anecdotes) written by you as i’m about to move my blog on a new plateform and have to re-do a banner.

  6. Hi! Something new that I have tried is studio photography! I am a wedding photographer and normally shoot natural light (both with digital and with film). Every wedding off season I try to learn something new pertaining to my craft. So this year, I bought a pair of studio lights and started practicing! I also just signed up for a ceramics class and made my first bowl on the potters wheel. SO fun! I am obsessed with trying new things pertaining to ART!

    As for what I would have you write… maybe a few words for my pricing guide … like “my style”, “a la carte” or “packages” … is that too many words? :) :) THANKS!!!

  7. I have been sitting with this question for some time (while eating the same breakfast I always eat) and there is nothing, NOTHING coming to mind! Thank you for asking this question. Today I am going to make a point to try something new!

  8. Hi Tristan,
    Something new I tried was throwing a surprise party for my mom. I have never really had the opportunity to surprise her so it was really exciting for me. We had the party this weekend and it was a great success. I also have to add that I have tried calligraphy for the first time after seeing your blog! I love how real and humble you are in your posts. :)

    For my word, it’s a nickname people have given me. Cash. Some of my friends find it a little masculine, but I think boys names for girls are cute. Maybe you could help me show them it can be feminine written in an adorable handwritten calligraphy! Many thanks.

  9. Oh wow…
    I was going to say blogging, but that was one and a half years ago… (but really new to me, I hadn’t even been a blog reader until then…).
    Anyway, I think it was garlic in a jar, a whole clove. Last week. My Spanish husband made me do it. And it’s not bad ;-)!

  10. oooh how exciting for you to start out on a new venture with calligraphy. best of luck- so far it looks gorgeous, although I might be a tad excited because I love the way you lettered my name here. last time I tried something new was this morning: did a workout of “ballet beautiful” and it was AWESOME

  11. I just recently tried bikram yoga… Not one for intense heat I was expecting to hate it and I actually did kind of hate it my first class but I gave it a second try and am now on class no. 5 and love it. I would have never thought I would enjoy it so much.

  12. i just started crossfit (i know, totally following the trend!), and it’s definitely given me the boost i needed to get started on a successful path to a healthful life. i’m loving it, even though i was totally nervous at first!

  13. I would love to team up with you for my 2014 Letterpress Limited Edition calendar… think about it :-)
    Let’s see…. new thing: being VERY diligent on getting Quick Books under control!!

  14. the new thing i’m currently trying/doing? working with a recruiter to land a new job! and trying to articulate what my ideal position is! a lot harder than it sounds.

  15. Well, I too recently tried hot yoga, and I also started taking some meditation classes. They have been AMAZING!!! The meditation classes have really helped me to reduce stress and bring mindfulness practices into my everyday life. I love that I’ve found a yoga studio that I love going to, and it doesn’t feel like work to get to classes there. :)

  16. your work is beautiful and inspirational.
    I discovered recently audio-books. I never used them before being discouraged by the strangers voices reading to me. But I am driving work a long distance and always wondering what I could do to use this time in the car. So I tried audio-book – now I feel my time in car is not wasted.
    I would love you to write HOUSE LOVES, my blogs name. I could use it as logo.

  17. There is something to be said about following traditional theory wholeheartedly and taking theory and applying your gift to it and turning it into something unique. Your lettering is beautiful and there is beauty in imperfection. I just moved to a new city and every week I make sure I try something new. The latest and most exciting: fronting up to a meeting of complete strangers and having a blast meeting new friends. That was new and I’m keen to try it again!

  18. I have been trying a new exercise class every week! So far I’ve done hot yoga (amazing), fit hoop (crazy hula hoop class), Pilates (love it!), and nia dance. I’m hoping to keep my friend inspired as she has been struggling with anxiety and this is helping her to get out of the house as she is going along with me. I’d love to have the words “believe you can” lettered to give to her – she deserves a special inspirational quote to have beside her bed :)

  19. My mind is buzzing with all the possible things I’d have written if I won :D

    The last time I tried something new – I’d say getting ready to move to a new city in a new state. Especially since I’ve never even been there before.

  20. Hi, Tristan,

    Love your blog, and your site. Don’t be such a perfectionist! (Being one myself, I can say that with impunity–heh, heh, heh.) I love your calligraphy and how idiosyncratically “you” it is. Don’t strive to be cookie cutter with it–it’s the quirkiness that we all love.

    I’m trying to start my own soap business. I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up, and it’s to have my own small soap-making company. I doubt it will ever be more than a really fun hobby, but I really am trying. It’s exciting and scary and a TON of work. If I won, I would love to have some of your calligraphy for special call outs on my website when it is finally up.

    Don’t know if I will ever be able to quit my day job, making soap and lotions is the perfect blend of art and chemistry. It satisfies my inner mad scientist, and my outer artist.

  21. I’m going to echo everyone else’s sentiments – your calligraphy is beautiful! Something new I’m doing is giving a shot at different things I’ve always wanted to try every week: new sewing patterns/fabrics, recipes, crafts, activities with family and friends — you know, all the things on my “when I have time, I want to do X”.

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I would love to gift your calligraphy to my newlywed friends (bride’s name + groom’s name). They would be over the moon.

  22. Tristan,
    I recently stumbled on your blog and fell in love- instantly. I work in an office, and looked over to my office mate and told her that I had just found my creative soul mate (not to be too weird). Anyway, I would love to have you simply write my name for me to use on a website I’m working on. I’m an aspiring floral designer who highly admires the work of Saipua and Amy Merrick (hence our soul-matedness). About a week ago I met with my first bride (which was definitely a new adventure for me)! It was so nerve-wracking and inspiring at the same time. Anyway, I would love for you to help me out and write my name for me. It’s a simple one :)
    Mary McLeod

  23. Your lettering is amazing!
    1. I learned a new word yesterday, “peripatetic”. I just love it, although that doesn’t count as trying something new!
    2. I have had in my possession for quite some time two vintage quilt tops. I helped my mother-in-law set up the quilt frame yesterday. I’m gong to quilt. {I’m crazy}
    3. I started calligraphy classes! 2 new things in a short amount of time.

  24. I think your lettering is perfect – as it is. i wouldn’t change it! love the lack of predictability combined with aesthetically pleasing formations.
    ahhh..trying something new! this is supposed to keep us young, isn’t it? If so, we all should be doing it more often. I truly believe it keeps our minds happier, our hearts too. I am teaching my first-ever yoga workshop this weekend, does that count? It’s entitled Heart * Hips * Abs * Oms…we are working on backbends (heart openers), hip openers, ab strengtheners, and then – I am leading my first-ever, longform guided meditation. It’s going to be about 20 minutes so I still have some writing to complete! Wish me luck :)
    I would LOVE for you to write something for me! i’m also about to start something new to me – a blog (yes, another one!) – and the name isn’t picked out, so i’d probably be happy if you did my name: jennifer banando
    . BUT if i win, i would LOVE if you would check with me again….maybe i’ll have the perfect blog name all picked out by then :) i’m playing around with my lovely words, and what fun!

  25. I just took up road cycling and signed up for a 2 day camp next week. I can’t wait!

    I think your hand lettering looks incredible. It would be fun to see my name all gussied up! Crossing fingers!

  26. Next week i´m going to try making snow sculptures. I know i know didn´t we all make them when we were young, but hopefully this is going to be a bit bigger! With more people. And more snow. And fire. I just wish the weather is on our side and gives us more snow and colder days.

  27. I’ve always been enthralled with the Parisian life in movies and wanted to bring some Paris to my home. I found a quick recipe for French hot chocolate online. That description sounded so tempting. What deliciousness! So rich and decadent. I can’t believe I never had one before. I had a cup while watching my favorite Parisian movie, Charade. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested:

    Btw, I love your calligraphy. I took a class at a local college but my copperplate seems so stiff and formal. I love the loose, gracefulness of your writing. Thanks for posting all the tips!

  28. I have just discovered your blog and just have to say I am such an admirer! I too am working on my calligraphy and you have been such a great guide and inspiration. I am actually currently in the process of trying something new, starting a small business with my mother. I would love for you to write out our name, m.greenwood. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. Haha, the last time I tried something new was just this past week, when I bought a calligraphy set and jar of ink and started practicing calligraphy. Man is it hard, and gosh do I love your lettering!

  30. This is truly more like a renewal, but it feels new! Up until this last year, I used to box all the time. I felt like I was such a strong woman. Invincible!
    Then, a little over a year ago I was assaulted just outside my own home.
    I stopped boxing. It no longer made me feel strong. It reminded me that I was a small, vulnerable woman no matter how much I trained.
    Yesterday, my fiance took me to the gym, and for the first time since the assault, I boxed. And instead of feeling small, I felt powerful!

  31. Snow boarding this past weekend! Needless to say, I can barely walk today. :)
    p.s. Be confident in your hand lettering — it’s beautiful! I love the “sarah” … ahem.

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