What joy to be back amongst the living again!  I think you may have gathered from my absence that I came down with my husband’s flu last week and indeed I did catch the influenza in a bad way.  I spent five days straight in bed where I did not even lift my head off the pillow. If I could have cried I would have, but I was in a delirium state so I didn’t.  Yes, I did lose weight-lot’s. When I asked my husband the other night what was for dinner he said, “Butter with a side of butter.”  He likes his wife with a little meat on her bones.  I can’t remember being as sick as I was since forever, next year I am getting the flu shot, yes I am.  Yup, no doubt about it.  Thank you to everyone that emailed to make sure I hadn’t gone the way of the Dodo, your little notes brightened my day when I finally could sit up and type again and I loved feeling missed (who doesn’t?)  Well, it’s Monday so I must get back to business as usual, no?  I made this stamp a while ago, but it’s so darling and I think it may have been forgotten with all the new items I have since added to the shop, but since I love it and you as well I am going to be giving one away.  To enter to win answer the following question by Sunday February 13, 2013–What 3 things are you most grateful for today?  I can tell you that number 1 is my health, 2 is my husband (even though he gave me the virus) he waited on his coughing, sneezing, fever ridden, delirious wife like a knight in shining armor and 3 would be a tie between my pups and you.  I will announce the winner next Monday, good luck!

For the previous giveaway, which was near impossible to choose, everyone left such great stories I ended up having to randomly choose and the winner is– Iris. Please email me to collect your prize!  Tomorrow I have some downloads for you that I can’t wait to share. Wednesday I have another great Pinterest Curator and Thursday I am going to answer some of your specific lettering questions that you have been asking me about.  This is going to be a great week!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups.


  1. So glad you’re back! I did suspect you may have been down and out with the flu…wishing you a thorough recovery! Three things I am grateful for today:
    1. My intrepid little family (hubs and bub)
    2. Time to wander in my thoughts to fine-tune plans for a week full of making (sewing, baking, painting)
    3. My ipad mini (to better Pinterest with – so very, very addicted)

  2. thank you for this giveaway, the stamp is just beautiful
    the three things i feel most grateful for today are
    1. my mother, even through our qualms and disagreements, i still would be lost without her.
    2. my piano, even through all my procrastinating when it comes to practice, it still give me the gift of music
    3. my home, as they say, home is where the heart is, and sometimes I take it for granted, just think of life without one, yet so many have to go through this.
    thanks again

  3. Tristan! so, so glad you are back and at ’em! I noted your absence every time I logged into my google reader :( I was hoping you we’re simply having a super busy, productive week… not knocking on death’s doorstep! buy yourself some avocados and croissants this week and you’ll be back to fighting weight in no time :)
    p.s. don’t take the flu shot!! totally up to you, but I’d rather fight a virus with good nutrition and healthy habits than giving myself a little dose of one out of thousands of strains of the flu that evolves every year! I’ll give you a nutrition action plan :) hope the recovery is swift!

  4. There you are! Yeah, knew something had happened. So glad you are better. I for one certainly missed you!
    Grateful…I have so many things to be grateful for….especially Health (as you said). So many people I work with are fighting b..a..d stuff. My Family, I have a wonderful husband & two grown children I am SO proud of. Third, our freedom. This world is full of such sad situations. Truly blessed to be Southern & American!! That Southern part is really important too!

  5. I was a bit worried…so glad you are ok and feeling better. Enjoy some winter comfort food to gain back those pounds lost! I’m grateful for…
    1. my health (my mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer so thinking a lot about this)
    2. my family
    3. my home

  6. 1. My husband and my son [ I’m incredibly blessed]
    2. Employment so I can provide for my family
    3. My 90 year old Grandmother , my most favorite person in the entire World.

  7. yippeee skippy you have returned! Moose is thankful for:
    1. the little kiddos that read to him at the library
    2. everyone that takes the time to pet him
    3. his tennis ball collection
    oh…. and we are so very thankful for Moose and his unconditional love!

  8. I hear you on the health. I was down for a couple days and very slow moving for a few more.
    1. My husband and kids
    2. My friends – IRL and bloggy
    3. That April is only 55 days away.

  9. Glad you’re feeling better!
    1. My amazing family.
    2. The opportunity to attend school (on days like today I hate it . . . but I’m still grateful for the degree I’m finally getting in APRIL.
    3. Good friends.

  10. ① I am grateful I’m a vegan. It completely changes your life. You will start becoming more and more compassionate. It truly changes your heart and soul.
    ② I am grateful for my husband… an incredible partner and father. He started his new job today doing what he loves (he’s very happy).
    ③ I am forever grateful for my two children. My daughter missed school today due to flu over the weekend. But she’s feeling better! The only thing I am naturally consistent in is learning and being a mom. One is a choice the other is my pleasure.

  11. Glad you are feeling better! I am grateful for
    1. My husband…. even though he is currently hogging the book we are sharing for book club
    2. A peaceful evening to spend relaxing and eating healthy cookie dough dip (YUM)
    3. The fact that my husbands favorite pair of jeans finally ripped, so he will stop wearing them every. single. day. (but don’t tell him I said that, he’s heartbroken enough as it is)

  12. I’m so glad you are feeling better! It was lovely of your husband to take such good care of you!
    1. My husband, the love of my life!
    2. My puppy and his unconditional love.
    3. Chocolate & red wine and their incredible health benefits ;)

  13. What 3 things are you most grateful for today?

    1. I am grateful to be alive. 8 months ago, I was hit by a car and very very grateful and blessed to be alive!
    2. I am grateful for my family and friends who stuck by me through all the heartache and recovery
    3. I am grateful for having another day to continue on this journey no matter what it brings! Life is too short to live with regrets and not be grateful for another day.

  14. What 3 things are you most grateful for today?
    1 My husband, and sharing nice dinners with red wine.
    2 My business! So happy to be out on my own, doing what I love with my husband.
    3 My pups! Always so happy to be awoken by their silly, little faces!

  15. So sorry to hear you were sick! I`ve had a flu like that before where I was completely delirious so I know exactly how that feels (and it`s not very good!).
    Today I`m most grateful for:
    1. My boyfriend, who is there for me and supports me and is so caring and understanding
    2. My kitty, Little Muffin, and all her snuggles and cuddles and purring she gives to me. She was quite sick with kidney failure in October of last year but she beat the odds and pulled through so I make sure I cherish ever single day I have with her. She`s my fur-baby and I love her so! She reminds me that we should never ever take our pets for granted, and we should give them as much love as we can every single day.
    3. Breathing. It may sound silly but that`s the sign that I`m still here, I`m still in the land of the living and in the present. I`m learning to be mindful of my breath and it`s keeping me feeling centered and keeping stress away these days so I`m thankful for the good health that keeps me breathing and going.

  16. 1. My health as I too just got over a stomach bug
    2. My husband as he was wonderful through it all despite also having the same bug at the same time.
    3. My two little one’s and their health and wonderful love – as they were sweet little angels even while sick themselves.
    Whew…so happy we are all healthy!!
    So happy you are better too!

  17. Thank-you for your inspiration!
    I am grateful I have enough…
    SUN to keep my attitude bright
    HAPPINESS to keep my spirit alive
    PAIN so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger

    I’m a whole, healthy woman who sees much beauty – My duty now is to assist other in need!


  18. //LIFE: Everyday I am thankful not only to be alive, but alive with a wonderful quality of life.
    //LOVE: The love I can give and get from my husband, children, parents, siblings, family and friends helps all the little molecules that make me, ME stay together.
    //LAUGHTER: The one toothed squeal from my baby, the devious smirk from my ridiculously creative three year old, and snort of pure excitement from energetic five year old give me energy to get through even the worst day.

  19. 1. The love of my husband. My MVP and hero.
    2. That my sister is remaining cancer free 10 months post chemo.
    3. For my children, their spouses and my beautiful granddaughters.

  20. 1. My Husband, who is currently fighting a cold.
    2. My seven children and five grandchildren who have grown into amazing people.
    3. A knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  21. * Today I am grateful – as I will be every day for the rest of my life – that my son returned 5 months ago from a tour of duty in Afghanistan healthy of body and sound of mind. As a convoy commander escorting military and government officials, he successfully completed over 250 missions with no casualities.
    * Today, as every day, I am grateful to be surrounded by a loving family, loyal friends, and a strong community. * Today, as every day, I am grateful to be afforded a life of freedom, good health, productivity, and prosperty.

  22. Today I am grateful for:
    1. That each and every morning I get to wake up to the smiling faces of my twin girls.
    2. Iced coffee in the afternoon
    3. My husband, who puts up with my crazy self ;)
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  23. 1. my fiance – he takes care of me and puts up with my craziness
    2. my puppy dog – still a happy puppy at 7 years old
    3. a safe place to live and the opportunity to chase my dreams and let my creativity flow freely :)

  24. feel better soon! What 3 things are you most grateful for today? …
    1. my 4 year old daughter and my almost 2 year old son , who somehow know that Mommy and Daddy are struggling and so stealthfully snuck (in my daughter’s words and sweet voice: “I’ll TIPTOE TIPTOE!) into bed with me at 1:30 am today, replacing my loneliness with warmth and love.
    2. my dear friend heath, who is moving out of country this week and, though crazy busy, let me come over and help her pack last night. it always feels good to do good – and even better to have some quality time together to boot.
    3. the gifts that my friends are to my life, in various ways: there’s Beth, who went alcohol-, meat-, and processed food-free this spring and is a radiant example of why to do those things; Margaret, who is deliriously funny and amazingly outwardly focused, always knowing when to ask “what’s up?” and then take the time to really listen; and Philippa, with whom, though we hadn’t seen each other in a decade, conversation this weekend flowed as freely ans easily as if only 10 minutes, rather than 10 years, had passed.
    I am grateful for LOVE.

  25. I am grateful for the following:
    1.Grateful for the hug and kiss I get everyday in the morning from my ever so happy first grade student (my husband and I don’t have kids).
    2. For the wonderful man who is my pillar of strength and who gives me a kiss every time before the movie starts at the cinema, and says “Enjoy the movie honey.”
    3. I am grateful for the red and purple sky I see every morning on my way to work.

  26. Today I’m especially grateful for
    1. the huge amount of snow we have
    2. the long weekend that started with a fine lunch
    3. all my friends around the globe that i can contact with the internet
    I’m always thankful for
    1. my great life
    2. my beloved family (including our pets)
    3. my wonderful job

  27. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful.

    1. My healthy family
    2. My own health
    3. The life I have to live. I’m going to grab it! And make things happen!

  28. Today I am most grateful for:

    1. A chance to take a breath – something that has been missing since the first of the year
    2. The sun – as I watch my daughter dig out of the blizzard
    3. my husband – he makes me laugh

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