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Last week our prompt for our Foto Rx Co. 52 project was ‘blur’ so I wanted to share some resources for a technique called intentional camera movement for those that wanted to explore blur more. I found this technique on accident and couldn’t wait to try and share (that was about 6 months ago). I broke out the camera this week and felt completely uninspired (good thing we have a 52 week project or my camera would be collecting cobwebs!). After I finally got around to doing it, I was so dejected, I thought the images were rubbish.  Being the good friend that Michelle is she gently nudged me and asked where my blur images were (note, if you are doing an ongoing photo project make some friends that will make you accountable). I downloaded the images and did some quick edits mainly using our ‘magic pill’ action to get a good base edit, adjusting the white balance and sharpening and you know what?  I didn’t hate them! They aren’t how I envisioned but they have opened up the door for potential further exploration and that my friends is what gets me excited–experimenting (makes my inner scientist giddy).

I am linking to all the resources that I referenced to learn the technique and some inspiration images. It’s a super easy technique, you just need a camera that you can adjust your aperture and shutter speed. The results have a wonderful painterly feel and they are impossible to replicate, which I really love.  Hopefully you will get inspired and give it a go!


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