This is the beginning of my husband’s long anticipated birthday canoe trip.  I shot this with my Iphone, it’s the only shot I got as shortly after this was taken, we were heading fast to the middle of the lake instead of staying toward the outer banks (as suggested), this guys wife accidentally tipped the canoe over. She was dressed in what she assumed was a proper canoeing outfit–cute straw hat to ward off evil UV rays on her delicate visage, a navy and white striped shirt, chambray shorts, her new leather sandals and her ever present aviator sunglasses. For the record, not the best outfit to wear for a first time ‘canoe-er.’ Dripping wet to the core and the Iphone nowhere in sight she slumped out of the lake. In her defense the wind was at full throttle which wouldn’t have made for a relaxing canoe trip anyway. We opted on trying the canoeing another day. The husband was duly disappointed, but the hero that he is, he found the wifey’s Iphone and saved the day. To make up for the loss the wifey suggested berry picking, because as everyone knows picking berries is as relaxing and as exhilarating as floating on a canoe in the middle of an idyllic setting. The husband, always one to try to be agreeable quickly chirped, “Awesome, I’ve always wanted to do manual labor on my birthday.” So off to pick berries they went.
In typical husband fashion, he took to picking berries like it was an Olympic sport. It’s obvious that he was a natural at berry picking, how was it obvious? The picking bounty came to roughly 7 pounds. Wifey had no idea what she would ever be able to do with 7 pounds of strawberries, but it was an experience indeed. To be continued…

5 thoughts on “CANOE CONUNDRUM

  1. Oh Miss B–I am so enjoying reading all about your adventures! (By the way, reading about a tipped canoe is quite more fun than experiencing it. Who knew?)

  2. Hurray for saving the day!

    And yum for strawberries! Make sure to let them soak in a white vinegar/water mixture (half and half) to clean them up and they won’t mold as quickly! :D

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