Hand-lettered font bundle!


This came on my radar this week but I thought I had missed the boat to mention it to everyone and was so bummed, but to my delight in investigating this morning I found it is still available! So QUICK,  get it while it lasts!

Hand-lettering artist extraordinaire Ms. Molly Jacques, has bundled some of her most popular (and some of my very favorite) fonts and is offering them for a drastically reduced price–27 fonts for $50?! Just one of those fonts comes in at near that price, this one here which I adore. Molly is not the only one doing bundled fonts many very creative font houses are offering them right now as well. I have linked to some that may be worth taking a peek at!


27 hand-lettered font bundle (including the font in post graphic!)

If you have been wanting Brandon Grotesque NOW is your chance!

Latinotype their bundle is worth just for the Boho script, but their Garden pro italic is pretty sweet too!

20 good looking sans serif font bundle

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