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I have said this many times before, but it is so true, I am the worse blogger ever, I never want to share my discoveries, it takes me years sometimes to work up to it. I have gotten better but not by much. I am basically an inspiration hoarder, I guess I fear that I’ll start seeing a rash of derivative work? I don’t know, I have no really explanation. I do know I am tired of seeing other people share my discoveries before I do and with this whole blogging thing going the way of the Dodo I figure I have a year or less to get it all out, my clock is ticking, so we are going to make a concerted effort around these parts to share more and more of what is inspiring us at the moment. For me a good injection of inspiration makes me want to get up and do something, anything. Like right now, I am totally having a Garance Dore obsession a decade later than everyone else, I guess that cats out of the bag, but what if I shared her when I first found her? People would have marveled and lauded me and maybe I would get free things to blog about, maybe.

So, let me get on with the inspiration today, we started this year wanting to make some magic and designer/illustrator Milou Neelen is certainly creating magic with her Hotel Magique project, limited edition prints, greeting cards and playing cards. Her work has so many elements I admire–original/unique lettering (but of course), a muted color palette, texture, humor and the ‘piece de resistance’ magic!  There is definitely a fashion vibe going as well, she is just wildly talented with incredible range, even her more intricate drawings still have her stamp on them. I will link below to her site and some of my faves from her portfolio.

Here’s to turning over a new leaf and sharing more, because sharing is caring…


Hotel Magique

Milou Neelen


Portfolio faves I. II. III. IIII.

6 thoughts on “Hotel Magique

  1. We are in the midst of redoing our website and I wanted to thank you for your inspiring posts as we embark on this overwhelming task! I love your work and your posts are very relevant – much appreciated! Andrea

    1. Hello Suzie! I don’t think it’s a matter of blogging going out of style per se but there are so many other avenues that are easier for people to access like Instagram,FB and people just aren’t visitng blogs as much. We had a post where a lot of people left comments on the subject if you want to read: THE END OF BLOOGING?

  2. Yup! I remember reading that one – and commenting on it too. :) Well, I’m still reading blogs…and am not on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever else have you. There might not be too many people like me in the first world, but I already have too much “noise” in my life to want to add other ways of distraction to my life…so will stick with the blogs for now!

    1. I agree it’s hard to keep up! Michelle and I don’t have Facebook, Snapchat, Google + (I mean the list is endless, right?) We like Instgram because like blogs used to be there’s engagement with people (we LOVE a good conversation!). Well. we for one are super happy for your visits!!!

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