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I had resisted buying a bun maker for some time.  You can pick them up for under $5, so why I was belly aching over this purchase is beyond understanding.  I think I just figured it was like a top knot and why waste the money?  Oh, I was so wrong.  It is so much better than the mere mortal top knot. If adding blush is insta-pretty, using a bun maker is like 2 second chic.  You look so pulled together, in that very effortless French woman way, like you haven’t even tried. Trust me once you get the hang of using this tool, it will be so easy that you won’t even need a mirror.  Bonus, when you take your hair down at the end of the day you should have a full head of voluminous, soft waves!  You will need more than the bun maker though, a hair elastic and some bobby pins and you are good to go. This hairstyle is surprisingly long lasting as well, which is great because I can’t be bothered with my hair after I leave the house or get to my studio in the a.m., I need something that I do and forget about.  I am not going to lie to you, I did have a little bit of a learning curve, I don’t know if it’s just me not being coordinated, but it did take me a few tries to get it right, that’s why I found this tute, this one and this one too, so you can watch or follow and not get too frustrated.  You can also DIY one with a sock! Have you tried this?  Are you hooked as well?  Or is there another secret hair tool I should also know about?

P.S. I have only been in New Orleans for a couple of hours and I am already inspired beyond belief! The flora, the architecture, the incredibly, insanely beautiful, full of character home I am so fortunate to have been invited to stay in.  I can’t wait to shoot this weekend and share this imperfectly perfect place with you!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future. Will it be the Bay area or Seattle? She’s open to your suggestions!

8 thoughts on “THE BUN MAKER

  1. I’ve done the sock version but with fine hair it’s tricky to start at the tip of the ponytail and roll down toward your head. The bunmaker version looks easier so I’m going to try that with my sock donut!
    Have fun in New Orleans….one of my favorite places, minus the humidity…lol

  2. YES! I picked up a bun maker this past weekend and have been wearing it every day this week because it is so effortlessly chic (once you figure out how to actually do it). Not a secret hair tool but just a tip – if you’re flying, you might want to wait until after security to put your hair up – one of my friends cautioned me that TSA made her take her sock bun down because they thought she might be smuggling illicit substances in it!

  3. Simone I think the bun maker is perfect for thin hair! It definitely give the allusion of more volume!

  4. I adore sock buns! I have been doing them for probably a year now! I watched those videos but they are completely different than the way I’ve Always done it! I put my hair in a pony, then put the bun maker over my pony, pull the bun maker all the way out towards my ends and then roll it in while ticking pieces. This way is perfect for me because I never need bobby pins and it stays in perfectly until I take it out! :)

  5. Just started reading at the suggestion of Coco at Roostblog! :) Couldn’t help but notice your blurb on Seattle vs. Bay Area. I currently live in the Bay Area and, while I am too busy with grad school to fully appreciate it, I think it is fantastic. The weather is great and there are tons of options – Monterrey, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Redwoods, Opera, Symphony, Hiking, Kayaking, City life, anything you could want. Seattle is nice, too, but the Bay Area is better!

  6. Miss Tristan B- on behalf of ‘bun makers’ everywhere…thank you for appreciating us! So glad to hear the Bun you purchased is working fabulously for you, but just wanted to share with you & your readers that The Hunny Bun is available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and color choices (Blonde Bombshell, ChocoHottie, Black Queen Bee), …making it perfect for women of ALL ages and hair types! Our most popular size is the SMALL because no other brand offers one this SMALL, allowing women with very fine or shorter hair, to achieve the oh-so-desired “top knot” or ballerina bun look! Also, we give you the hair tie AND hair pins with your Hunny Bun so when you receive it, you’re ready to rock it ASAP! We love helping women achieve an effortless, celeb-worthy look in just two minutes with The Hunny Bun™…what are you waiting on Hunny?! Thanks for the BUN <3 Hunny!

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