One of my goals this year is to explore more, which in a perfect world would mean I would be shipping myself off to a faraway locale, wandering aimlessly around new cities, reveling in unique cultures and taking in as much as my brain would allow.  In my current world that means making myself get out of my zipcode.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and I have been half way around the globe by myself on several occasions, it just seems like my adult self is not so into the bohemian lifestyle as my once youthful counterpart.  Something about not being able to take a hot shower everyday or sleep in clean sheets doesn’t bode well with me anymore.  I need some creature comforts and would rather stay put than not know where my next meal will be coming from–call me crazy.   I am more of an arm chair traveler now, planning dream vacations that include food, shelter and not sleeping standing up.  I have not given up my desire to explore, I made good on my goal to explore more by taking a little trip this weekend to some antique shops three or four zipcodes away, it doesn’t compare to eating a baguette in Paris but it is an improvement over sitting in front of my computer.  I found this wonderful old globe that had just the perfect amount of wear and shot a few photo’s of places I would like to visit. I can’t regale you with tales of exotic lands (yet) but I do plan to continue exploring and documenting my little trips be they as minute as a trip down the way.  I hope you join me on my journey and find time to do some ‘exploring’ on your own.  You never know what you may discover.

10 thoughts on “LEAVING MY ZIPCODE

  1. For the past two years now I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to take a few little day trips when the weather is nice to go to some flea markets, eat a new restaurant or just take some pictures and I never do it. Dang it, this year when the weather gets nice again I’m going to do it. There is no reason other than laziness that I don’t. Enough of that craziness. You’ve inspired me!

  2. Don’t tempt me Miss Heather, I would be in HEAVEN to visit the Netherlands!

    Toi, I think you will marvel at the sense of accomplishment you will have when you do these little things. I was so smug with having worked toward one of my goals that I am even planning in leaving my zipcode AGAIN this weekend. I am so wild.

  3. Wonderful! There is something so great about exploring your own zip code too! Walking around is a great way to discover places you’ve never seen before even in your own backyard. I did an engagement shoot in my hometown this weekend and it was so neat walking around in places I hadn’t really ever looked at!

  4. I agree with Mrs Soup – a la Wizard of Oz – there’s no place like home. Then again, you know me: no home! Ha ha!

    Well, we’re in France until mid-Feb, then down to Senegal for 5 weeks if you want some beaches, sunshine and drum music? Then back to France….looking into some idea ; – )

    Travel safely! Don’t forget to keep some kleenex in your purse at all times in case the tp-roll is non-existant!

  5. Congrats Kathy on the engagement shoot! How exciting:) Andree please take me to Senegal with you, from the likes of this armchair travelers seat your life is SOOOOOOO exciting and full of photo ops. I am duly envious! Miss Dionne, with your creativity I am sure the whole world is inspiring, if only I could visit the world through your eyes every once in awhile;)

  6. I just moved to a new zipcode and I’m loving discovering my new neighborhood! :) I think about venturing out of my county for a day trip and I haven’t done it lately! I’ve lived in L.A. for ohhh so many years and I’ve never been to the city of Ventura, I’ve always wanted to visit! It’s supposed to be very charming! The one thing I love about my blogroll is that everyday is new {arm chair} adventure!

  7. Rocket Fuel Style, I think that is so creative and inspired! I am going to challenge myself to do this as well. I am so happy you commented and I will be visiting your link, thank you!

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