Under $100 Industrial Sconce Round-up


I know this isn’t the ‘norm’ here to do a home design post, but nothing is the ‘norm’ here anymore, so I am going with it. We are currently getting ready to move again, just a few blocks away mind you, but my head is already filled with little design upgrades that will have to be super budget friendly as my budget after moving is going to be very sparse. I know we are going to need lighting in the master bedroom and since it’s where we do a lot of our bedtime reading with our toddler, I wanted to make sure we had some fairly good ‘spotlight’ on the books and not just the usual ambient light. It seems that while I was off being a mom, the design blogosphere decided that sconces in the bedroom were going to have a moment. That’s great news for someone interested in bedroom sconces!  The drawback though was a hundred fold, either all the really great looking sconces that were being written up were sponsored by this company (and yes, they have some really great light choices), or the scones were hard-wired (we are renting so not going to happen) or were completely utterly out of my budget. I hunted and scoured for plug-in industrial inspired sconces, which is actually a fairly hard item to find and once I had wishlisted a bunch I thought, hey? Maybe someone else out there is looking for the same thing and why not just do an eensy round-up? I actually wasn’t even sure how to go about doing this, should I post some inspiration rooms? Would I need to email every blogger to use their image? Or would a link suffice? I mean, I am so out of the loop of what protocol is, so I am just adding sconce images and links. For the record, feel free to use the images we shoot here with a link back, no need to email (and not get a response back for 3 years from moi, Michelle might be a bit faster, but we are both swamped). So let’s get linking so you can get shopping!


Plug-in industrial lamps featured clockwise:  upper left Ikea wall clamp spotlight $20 | upper right Caged wall sconce $30 | Lower right Adjustable black and brass sconce $32 | Lower left Oiled bronze swing arm $48

Not shown but good options! Accordion wall sconce $59 | Aged zinc wall sconce $39

How to hard-wire a plug-in lamp (for those that may want a more permanent option) I | II

Pricey but pretty Industrial (ish) Sconce options: 1 | 2 | 3

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