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I was really, really hoping that Bonnie Christine would participate when we asked her, because I think she is so very awesome. If you are wanting to learn a new skill and be thoroughly inspired in the process than you’ll LOVE Bonnie Christine’s Roost Tribe. I seriously wish I knew Bonnie’s secret to productivity because a toddler and an infant has not stopped her from creating a little Roost empire, lucky for us she is willing to share so many of her “secrets”. As a Roost Tribe member you will receive Bonnie’s weekly emails chock full of amazing downloads, tutorials, tips for living simply (with her incredible recipes) and she even has guest experts chime in. If you are planning to make 2016 your best year ever (and who isn’t?) then I think you need to know and be part of the tribe!

To enter to win a Roost Tribe one year membership please answer the following question:

What is something that amazes you?

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Enter until January 2, 2016! We will close comments on December 26, 2015, January 2, 2016.All entries are chosen at random. We will announce the winners on January 4, 2016! Please make sure that when you enter your email in the comment box (note: it will NOT show on site) that it is a working email. We will give all winners a week to claim prizes after we contact them, after that week if it is not claimed, the prize will go to another entrant.

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31 thoughts on “Winner Wonderland |Day 08 Roost Tribe One Year Membership

  1. Every day my children amaze me one way or another. Even now that they are mostly grown I see the way they interact with others and I am so, so proud of them.

  2. Flying still amazes me. Especially the first part of the ascent, when the plane shudders and stretches into the sky, jumping forward and neglecting to touch back down again. It is of no consequence that I know quite enough mechanics to understand the why — it still manages to inspire a little awe, every time.

  3. I am always amazed by how nature humbly presents such exquisite beauty in what appears to be a simple form; be it a leaf, a flower, birds, colors, etc., yet the process to create such magnificence is so incredibly intricate and complex.

  4. Continually amazed at how fast my littles (nieces and goddaughter) grow. I live far away and when I have the opportunity to visit home (Taos, NM), I’m floored at just how fast the time passes and how these girls’ light glows brighter and brighter. Also, the energy, vast blue skies and landscapes, and the twinkling starry nights here in NM are always humbling reminders of home and investing in what matters most.

  5. I am constantly amazed by the speed at which a young child can learn and comprehend new skills and language. Also, their innate instincts and habits are another amazement altogether!

  6. The change of seasons amazes me; living in the Northeast, we see a full range of what Mother Nature has to offer. It is always amazing to me that when we are enjoying summer, we were shoveling snow fewer than 3 months earlier.

    Love Going Home to Roost! Following on Instagram as @kristenscioliwhite

  7. I am continually amazed at artists who come up with new projects over and over again — each with their own look and theme and colorway. It’s awesome.

  8. The musical geniuses of the past. Ever since I started to actually listen to classical music, I’ve been amazed by how the composers figured out how to combine the notes to create something that magical.

  9. The faith and hope of a little child…before they learn to be intimidated, embarrassed, or discouraged. It is a beautiful thing

  10. I have been learning so much from my toddler son and my dog. They teach me about life and nothing that I had learnt from school and work experience. I value time and patience more than I ever done in my life.

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