Winner Wonderland | Day 06 Calligraphy fabric tea towel set

calligraphy-fabric-wrap-the-hive-studio via besotted blog

calligraphy-fabric-wrap-the-hive-studio 2 via besotted blog

The minute I saw Lindsey Bee’s new offering of her lovely screenprinted tea towels/fabric wrapping my fingers were flying across my Iphone to ask if she would be willing to participate in our Winner Wonderland, she kindly agreed! You know we are huge lettering fans here and Lindsay has been generous with us before, her intermediate calligraphy kit would be a perfect gift for yourself and these tea towels?  Well, swoon, so perfectly simple with the hand lettered ‘I love you to the moon and back’ screenprinted in a charcoal gray. These would be an excellent addition to any home!

To enter to win a set of two screenprinted The Hive Studio tea towels please answer the following question:

What makes a house/apartment a ‘home’ to you?


Enter until January 2, 2016! We will close comments on December 26, 2015, January 2, 2016. All entries are chosen at random. We will announce the winners on January 4, 2016! Please make sure that when you enter your email in the comment box (note: it will NOT show on site) that it is a working email. We will give all winners a week to claim prizes after we contact them, after that week if it is not claimed, the prize will go to another entrant.

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51 thoughts on “Winner Wonderland | Day 06 Calligraphy fabric tea towel set

  1. Maybe it’s just the season talking, but having spent a Christmas season in a place really makes it feel like a home. I guess because then I have memories attached to being in a specific place.

  2. We’ve moved four times in the last five years, after being in our home for 15 years. Each time I make sure to add the touches AND smells of home. Crisp white sheets and fluffy duvets, all my pantry staples in pretty jars and a fresh scented candle burning at all times.

  3. Having pictures on the wall – it’s one of the first things I have to do when I move into any new space, without it, I feel out of place and uncomfortable. :)

  4. Family, friends, a garden w vegetables and herbs to share, a candle and any type of crisp or crumble warm out of the oven apple, rhubarb, raspberry…

  5. My husband passed away 5 years go. I had to make a new home after that, because to me, he was the heart in our house. For four years, I tried to live to sort of please him – doing what I know he liked, not doing what he didn’t. Then, one day I thought he’s not here and I can’t please him, so the first thing I did was bring a barn kitten into the house. Then I found a dog no one wanted, and now I also have another kitten in the house. Three animals!!! He would probably kill me, but now it’s MY home. Animals give great joy and comfort.

  6. My husband (and best friend) is what makes any place a home. We are touring musicians, so sometimes our “home” is a 15 passenger van or tour bus… sometimes our “home” is a one-nighter in a hotel. It really doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together.

  7. This may sound so cheesy, but definitely my loved ones and all the memories–good and bad–that have been made within the four walls! A house definitely wouldn’t be a home without that. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. For me, it is mostly about having the people I love living there with me, but I think that pets, plants, books, art, and fluffy white bedding help a lot!

  9. I’ve moved so many times that I can truly say that it’s the people I live with. I dread even thinking about having to live by myself. We have crossed the Atlantic quite a few times by now and have only been able to bring a few personal things. Having loved artwork helps!

  10. My toddler son and my dog make my house as a home to me. Sometimes during blizzard and/or heavy snow, I enjoy being at home with them doing silly stuff and in pjs all day

  11. We never tried to use our Octopus cards, and I’m pretty sure that’s because they don’t accept them. I know I didn’t see any of the scanners. Have a great trip!coffee

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