Winner Wonderland | Day 03 Foto Rx Full Suite

FotoRx Full Suite Giveaway via besotted blog

These actions totally transformed my photos! I have spent countless hours playing in Photoshop trying to get my images looking better and have been so frustrated in the past — but these are as simple as clicking a button and voila! My pictures look pro now. Worth every penny!

We have never given away all three sets for our Foto Rx suite and we are so excited that we get to do it today! We worked so very hard on these Photoshop actions which really, really make your work in Photoshop a breeze. For those unfamiliar with the actions we have some pretty sweet videos that explain what they do. We have had many a kind review and I am going to shamelessly list some here so you can read what others have been saying and hopefully get super excited about the prize:

Awesome editing options for all makers! Changed my etsy game–Alyssa H.

I’m relatively new to Photoshop and had been frustrated with how many steps it takes to clean up my calligraphy lettering. With L25 I can clean up my work in MINUTES! It’s such a wonderful tool! Thank you for such a great tool for the lettering arts community–Chantelle H.

Well, this product saved both my sanity and my money. Worth every penny, as a small business owner whose time is worth $$. I’m so appreciative to have found this amazing action set + the great set of instructions and examples.–Marjorie J.

To enter to win all three Foto Rx action sets (our full suite!)  please answer the following question:

If you could photograph any person or place, who/where would you choose and why?

For additional entries:

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Enter until January 2, 2016! We will close comments on December 26, 2015, January 2, 2016. All entries are chosen at random. We will announce the winners on January 4, 2016! Please make sure that when you enter your email in the comment box (note: it will NOT show on site) that it is a working email. We will give all winners a week to claim prizes after we contact them, after that week if it is not claimed, the prize will go to another entrant.

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Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

53 thoughts on “Winner Wonderland | Day 03 Foto Rx Full Suite

  1. I would choose to photograph a new-to-me city. We will be going to Istanbul in two weeks, so maybe that would be the city I’d choose! My husband and I love to travel, and having picture memories of the people, the places, the food and the richness of the culture is such a sweet gift to be able to take home!

  2. It’s cliche, but I’d love to photograph all those ethereal whitewashed building in Santorini…I’m sure the photographs would be amazing, but just as much because I’d love to go and explore :)

  3. I would love to photograph the beautiful temples and sunsets of Bangkok. My husband and I travelled to Thailand for our honeymoon and it was pure bliss. We’re hoping to go back this year!

  4. I would love to have beautiful portraits of each of my family members. There are seven of us kids, plus all our families gets us to 31! It’s hard enough to get a group photo, a portrait that really showed who they were would be a treasure.

  5. I think I would like to photograph the incredible and beautiful but critically endangered Amur Leopard in it’s natural habitat before they are gone. Might I just add as well, the full Foto Rx suite would possibly be the best Christmas present ever. :)

  6. I would love to photograph ancient Egypt when King Tut and Cleopatra were in power. History shows that they were very inventive for their time. It would be absolutely fascinating to have a photo of this time, instead of just a drawing.

  7. The underwater hotel in the Maldives. I would love to be able to shoot underwater and I think that’s the only way I would be able to!

  8. If I could photograph anyone, I would want to photograph my mom. I miss her dearly, and I never got the chance to take one. Since we are making wishes, I’d want to photograph her when she was younger and working in New York, just so I could meet her back then.

  9. I would love to photograph my grandmother in LA. She’s 81 but still very independent and rides the buses there to get to church, the market and back to her apartment. I hope to become like her as I get older.

  10. I would definitely photograph my parents on a lazy weekend morning visiting them. I rarely get to see them, and just spending that time together is so special and I want to capture those moments to always remember them.

  11. My favorite subject is baseball. So I would love to photograph one of my favorite players (He’s Brandon Crawford of rhe SF Giants!)

  12. If I could photograph very well, I would love to take pictures of the golden fields of the prairie where I live at the end of summer. It’s so beautiful and my most favourite time of year!

  13. I’ve been wanting this for awhile, please bring your items over to Creative Market, it would be so much easier for artist to buy there. I really hope I win this, I have always followed you on Instagram, I’m smuuggrl and I pinned it as well.
    There is so much I would photograph, but I think the plight of children going through bad situations is the most haunting thing, I love images that tell a story without any words.

  14. My stepdaughter in Morocco. She is beautiful and the camera loves her. I would give anything to be in a stunning setting and having some fun capturing the experience.

  15. I would travel back in time to photograph my grandmother when she was a young woman–before she married my grandfather and raised 6 children. She grew up on a farm in the Midwest during the Great Depression, so we don’t have very many photos of her from her younger years.

  16. This may sound a little macabre, but I’d photograph my deceased relatives back when they were in the prime of their lives. Photographs are the best window into the past that we have and my personal way of connecting with someone. I’d love to be able to photograph and connect with those whose time on this earth was too fleeting in my short life. Those photographs and the moments spent together attached to them would be worth more than gold.

  17. I would loke to photgraph the island of Siphnos, Greece. The amazing contrasting colors of the landscape and the fascinating compex faces of the older inhabitants are truly remarkable.

  18. I would go back in time and photograph my grandparents the day they were married. It was a short and sweet ceremony away from family before my grandfather was shaped out to WW2. They never had a good wedding day photo – but they were married for 67 years

  19. My grandfather in his native Brussels. He’s been gone since I was young, and the few photos I’ve seen make me long to see him again and ask him all about our ancestry.

  20. I would love to go back to South Korea with my parents and visit + photograph the towns and cities that they grew up in and made a life in.

  21. Ireland! I went there over the summer, and although I did manage to take a bunch of pictures, I don’t feel like they did the place justice. I’d love to go to the “countryside” and snap a few pictures of the beautiful green hills…

  22. Hands down my grandfather. We shared the same birthday and somehow all of the photos of us were lost. He was an amazing influence on my life and I would love to have a visual to go with my memories.

  23. I’m a 1st generation Cuban-American, and a professional lifestyle photographer. I dream of one day visiting Cuba, and visually documenting the real life, architecture, and culture of living in Cuba then publishing this in a book.

  24. I lived in London, UK for 12 years, but left to return home to Canada about a year ago. My now 2 year old son was born there and is officially a Brit – I’d love to go back with him and photograph him exploring his birthplace!

  25. Ooh I’d love to try the full suite of Foto RX! If I could photograph any place it would be France! I’m in awe with all things French and I’d love to spend lots of time there photographing everything from cities, cafes, architecture…you name it! I’m having stars in my eyes! x

  26. How to choose!
    – Thomas Jefferson flittering about Monticello; catching him in various candid and natural moments in his multitude of activities.
    – Venice in the 60’s
    – Jesus Christ, doing his thang. Then I could have proof ;)

  27. I would photograph my son and daughter with each of their grandparents so that we would have those relationships captured for them to have when they are older. Oh…and what an amazing giveaway!!! This would be incredible! :)
    Just stumbled upon your blog and am hooked!

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